May 30, 2011

RagDoll Invasion!

We have had a little RagDoll invasion at our house...

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Which one, which one? The girls can't decide so they keep taking them all! They start out in my sewing room, then I find them in living room, then on the stairs, and finally snuggled into their bed. I do think they look pretty cute there. I was going to sell some, but it's getting harder and harder to part with them.

All the little girls (and moms) are going BAZERK over these dolls! Every time a friend comes over they are immediately drawn to the rainbow of colors, the cute smiling face, the darling outfit, and those button eyes! They try to take them home and the mothers beg me to sell them one. It's so funny and cute! I love it! I just need to get a big enough stash going so that I can let a few go.

If you don't want to wait for me to get some made that are ready to sell, you can get the pattern HERE to make one yourself. Or check your favorite local fabric shop. The dolls are really pretty easy to make and can be done it just about 3 hours. A couple of mistakes have been found in the pattern that are minor, so if you have already purchased your pattern please click HERE to go to the updates and corrections page. All new orders will have a correction page included.

If you haven't gotten Roxy and Lola for your shops or for yourself, you must! I promise you they are making the girlie's go crazy! Any girl would love one of these for a present and they are even easy enough for them to make themselves (with a little help). Roxy and Lola are waiting to be made up, given as a gift, and dragged all over whatever state you live in! Believe me, I have seen it happen with my own eyes.

P.S. Watch my BOUTIQUE CAFE interview with Daria and leave a comment on her post. You could win some pretty sweet stuff!!!


Strictly Sewing said...

They are super cute and remind me of the Lalaloopsy dolls except better. Who wants to cuddle plastic? I love that this doll is all fabric. Your 40 hours of putting it altogether were worth it!:)

Kymmie said...

Adorable! Totally love these dolls! Can't wait to try them! I didn't see where Boutique Cafe announced the winner yet? So will wait... and if I didn't win... I'm back here to buy the patterns!!! ;} xxoo Great job Chelsea and love the interview too! xo
Kymmie Marriner

TheFamousStacie said...

So, I'm lovin' the bed spread?! I dunno, I'm on a bed coverings kick right now, and I yell to my 5 year old daughter to come take a look at this bedding in the picture.

She says, "I love it Mama, it has all those beautiful dolls!"

Did you make the bedding? So fun! And the dolls too~