September 18, 2010

I only have little bits and pieces of my Miss Modd strike offs to work with right now, so my projects are small. Here is something I made last night:

This little purse is part of my accessory pattern for girls that will be available in October. It will also include a headband, belt, and necklace. Both of my girls have the purses and they take them everywhere. To the movies, the store, church, and pretty much every time we get in the car they have it stuffed with a toy and a treat for the ride. It's the perfect size for their little needs!


Strictly Sewing said...

I love Pink Fig Patterns. I am giving away one of your patterns on my blog. Any of you interested in winning a Pink Fig pattern check out

Abbey said...

Oh my niece would love that!

Lila Tueller said...

CUTE Chelsea! Your fabric is sweet:)