October 02, 2010

It's like Christmas at my house! Miss Modd came last night and today was the much anticipated arrival of our very first pets.... BUNNIES!

They are so cute! Cotton and Snuggles. I am allergic to anything with fur, but I can't keep my hands of these sweet little things. These are pretty much the easiest pets in the world.
I love them!

Now, I have a funny story about the arrival of Miss Modd. You might think I'm lying, but I promise you this is a true story. I was afraid to post it at first, but I made the mistake of telling Lucy about it and she said if I didn't do it, she would. So here it goes...

Last night at about... well the whole day. I was freaking out over everything. My printing deadlines are next week and I am not ready. I haven't had a chance to start designing my booth yet and Market is in 3 1/2 weeks, and I didn't have any fabric to sew with. Not to mention the lack of sleep and coke overload I was experiencing. I could feel a melt down coming on.
Then at 7:30pm the door bell rings and a big old box from Korea was there! Hartman brought it in to me with a huge grin on his face. He grabbed a chair and rubbed his hands together. It's like Christmas. We peeled back the tape and peeked inside! It was FULL of Miss Modd! More than I could have hoped for. I looked it all over and then immediately started cutting. I cut and cut, until I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore.

My first sleeping position was sitting straight up with my head lopped backwards on the couch. Then my son came in and found me face down on the floor. Next I'm on the couch. Fabric pushed to the bottom and whatever else was on there, is now on the floor. 12am, I hear...come on Chels, let's go to bed. I say No, I have to wake up and sew. That didn't happen. I wake up at 2am with all the lights out and I'm freezing cold! I look down and see the lovely green birds from Miss Modd looking back me. I look across the room and see my favorite pink quilt. It's so far away and I can barely move. So I grab Miss Modd.

6:30am I wake up to a strange flash and clicking noise. After about 10 pictures I figured out what was happening. Cracking my eyes, I see Hartman standing above me laughing.

What are you doing?

Chelsea, you slept in your fabric last night! I had to take pictures.

I was cold.

Ya, right.


Cindy Sews said...

I can't wait to see what you make out of what you cut out last night!

Strictly Sewing said...

This pic should be blown up and posted at your booth for market. "Fall in love with Miss Modd ...or asleep?"
Glad you posted the pic and story.

Strictly Sewing said...

One more thing. Rabbits are the best pets. I used to raise them and show them at county/state fairs when I lived out in the country as a kid. You don't have to neuter/spay them or have them get shots. Just make sure to clean the shavings regularly because their pee wreaks. If there is a 4-H group in your area, have your boys or girls sign up. It is so much fun to learn about them and show them.

The Drizzled Apple said...

hahah! I love it! that pink is so pretty and I like the blue!
you're hilarious!
It's hell week.... get back to work ;)!

Joy said...

I really like your material. It is so cute!!!! Sounds like you are very busy!!

Anonymous said...

Haha! I've done something close to that..I'm so excited to see what your making!