September 17, 2010

Believe it or not, I am not the best artist in my family. I didn't discover that I had any artistic ability until my Junior year in High School. My kids are off to a much better start.

Their abilities actually comes from Hartman's side of the family. His mom is an incredible artist. He also has a brother who is out of this world and Hartman isn't so bad himself. He can doodle animals in church much better than I can. My dogs look like cows and my cats look like hot dogs. His look like the real thing. The kids always ask him to draw things over me. Plus he can make them funny. That's what daddy's are for, right?

I somehow was able to get some art stuff in my genes, but the real raw talent is in my kids.

Check out this dragon that my oldest did when he was 12:

This was his trial piece. He has a more complete one somewhere. I need to find it.

I love this watercolor planet Earth from my 10 year old:

And water color flowers from my 6 year old. She wants to be a fabric and pattern designer when she grows up:

My 3 year old needed some help with the hearts, but the flowers are hers:

They inspire me!!!

You have probably seen these kinds of frames, that you can open up that backs and put new artwork in. I bought them at my kids art fair at their school, but I know have seen them in a catalogue somewhere. Probably Pottery barn.

By the way...did you go to Target and buy that hand soap from yesterday's post yet? I have recently learned that it promotes good hygiene in my kids. They like the smell so much that they wash their hands without having to be reminded. Amazing.

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