July 20, 2010

Nie Nie Skirts!

Semi-Custom made Nie Nie skirts are now available in my boutique! Like this one:

I also have plans to get some Nie Nie Skirt pattern Kits listed. Soon, I promise.

Speaking of Nie Nie, have you been over to read her blog lately? She makes me laugh out loud.

Oh, and have you been over to Lila's blog in the last few days? She has a giveaway posted and it's pretty sweet!

As for me, I have waaaay to many things going on right now. What am I thinking?

I leave for the Festival of Quilts in England in just a few short weeks and I am finally starting to freak out. I'm excited, scared, and pretty much in a full on panic. But, I do have a fun thing planned for that trip that will include YOU, so stay tuned.

I am also trying to get my boutique going. I mean really going, and to be honest it's hard when I am also trying to do about 50 other things at the same time. Again...what am I thinking?
I really don't know. I need some ice cream or chocolate and my house is completely void of both. My computer is running slow and I want to punch it.

Is 11:00p.m. too late to go to the store?


Lila Tueller said...

Heck no...11:00 is a perfect time because the store is pretty empty. At least in my town. I guess the weirdos could potentially be out in full force, and you should take your pepper spray with you...but other than that, go for it!
You ARE doing too much! Can't believe you are sewing up finished goods right now. CRAZY~

trish said...

WOW! Just popped over and saw your announcement about your fabric line! Congrats!!! That is super! So excited for you and your family!

I just posted about a couple of patterns I used of yours for bridesmaid dresses...you'll love it!

LOVE love love Pink Fig...

Mrs.B said...

Cute skirts & I LOVE Nie Nie!

melifaif said...

OHHHH! But. I love this one even more....did not think that was possible. Love all the fun-ness that the skirt provides.