November 14, 2009

Look What I just Got...

Can you hear the beautiful choir music in the background? Probably not, but to me they have been singing all night. Leading up to the purchase of my new Mac was a series of computer disasters that started about a year ago. Little did you know that my patterns took me a painstakingly huge amount of time to complete because my old computer was dying a slow death. The thing was ancient! The memory was full of something and it would take an eternity for me to even rotate a picture or pull up a new font. It was so frustrating! Finally a few weeks ago it died.

Previous to that purchase I bought an HP laptop as my back up from Best Buy. BIG MISTAKE!!! In the 2 months I have had it, it has been back in the shop 3 times. On the third time they finally decided to send it out and said I could have it back in 3 weeks. Hmmm, let me think if that works for me...NO! I have to work people, but they don't care. Those geeks at the geek squad have been useless! Last night I reached my limit. Hartman came home from school, I grabbed my purse and we were off the the Mac store. After learning from Katie (who was talking waaaaay over my head) about all the cool stuff Macs can do, we grabbed a cinnabun and a smoothie, and made our purchase!

I feel like I just had a million dollar make over.
Point of my story, buy a Mac.

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