June 02, 2007

Does It Get Any Better Than This?


And since we're on the subject of music, I thought I would pay a little tribute to Blake!

Now that it's all over and my fingers have recovered from casting a million votes, I can finally relax and just enjoy some of my favorite video clips of Blake singing some of my favorite songs and beatboxing!


To me this is what American Idol is all about. Songs I actually listen to. Not songs from jazz bars or sometimes even disco bars! Songs that I hear on the radio, songs I put on my IPOD, songs I like to sing!!! This post is all about Blake!!! Thanks Blake for making my time unpicking sewing mistakes more enjoyable. Thanks for the fun times I had watching you sing Keane, 311, and even Bon Jovi with my family! Thanks for proving that argyle sweater vests look HOT on guys!!! All I can say is THANKS!!! You may not have won American Idol, but you definately made it the best season yet!

If you missed Blake on American Idol you have to watch the Bon Jovi Clip!!! It was so Awesome, I still get chills when I watch it!




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