July 07, 2007

As a little treat for all of you and also a tribute to all the lovely people in my life who inspire, motivate, and encourage me, I decided to do a monthly feature centered on one person in my life who I love!

First up is Lila:) Many of you already know who she is from her fabulous purses and pla
I have known Lila for a little over 12 years now. When Hartman and I were first married we lived in the basement of her house. She and her husband Hal bought an old house and totally redid it! I remember the first time going inside feeling totally amazed, like I had just walked
into an interior design catalog. The colors in the fabrics, paintings, and all throughout her house were so eye catching. After I found out that she had made most of her own drapery, pillows, bedding etc... I decided to it was time to start up a new trait, sewing! Over the last 12 years she has continued to inspire me over and over again. Every time I go to her house I fall in love with something new she has made. When we meet up for dinner or a get together she is often times wearing something she has made and is always stunning! Not only is she overflowing with creativity and several obvious God given talents she is a wonderful person. Full of laughter and love and always there to listen and give me advice. She is a good friend and my 'aunt'. I am
lucky and blessed to know her and her sweet family and will forever be inspired by her. Now for the picture gallery of Lila's beautiful artwork that
brightens up rooms and lives:) Love ya Lila!

Was that some EYE CANDY or what? We didn't even go upstairs!!! The bedrooms are painted in beautiful bright color and are filled with fun fabrics. Honestly, the pictures did not do her justice. It's just so beautiful! I love going to Lila's house! Did you like it too? Leave me a comment about what you thought and I'll enter you in a drawing for SURPRISE you are sure to love. Check back in a week or so to see who won!

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