September 29, 2012

DIY Witches Brew Laboratory

Every year I spend about $50 on new halloween decorations, so in about 20 years my house should look really awesome! This year I really wanted to make a little witches brewing laboratory. It was easy to do and not too expensive. If you like this look and want to recreate it, then read on. It's a fun way to liven up any room without scaring the pants off of the little ones:) The nice thing is it's now added to my collection and can be used forever! 

This book shelf is in a little nook in my front entry way, but you could really do it anywhere. I started with my own collection of vases and candlesticks from around the house. The black spider web candles were from my purchases last year and the picture of the skull was one that I drew back in high school. There are a lot of pictures of skulls on the internet that you could print out to get the same affect. The yellow cake plate was given to me, but was made from a soup bowl and plate glued together. So easy! 

This year I purchased the black shredded curtain from Walmart for $2.97 and simply pinned it to the wall. The two crows and the sticky witches brew labels came from JoAnn's. Large crow $6, small crow $4, labels $6. I bought the clear glass jars from various places ranging $1.97 - $3. I filled them with water and food coloring for effect and they can be re-used in the spring and summer for fresh cut flowers. 

All of the pictures in the frame are downloaded from the internet. I just googled vintage halloween pictures and tons of cool stuff came up! I used my frames that I already had around the room. The little black glitter spiders were from Walmart $2 and the eyeball gum balls and cute tiny owl were from Michaels $3 each. The total was under $40! Now I did splurge a little because I had a coupon and bought that darling trick or treat banner, but a similar one can easily be made with some craft paper, cupcake wrappers, and ribbon. Here is a tutorial I found on how to do it: 

The biggest thing is to use what you have and then add to it. Have fun and Happy Halloween!

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