September 11, 2012


Oh My! I can't believe it has been over a month since I have posted. I have to say, I really miss blogging. Facebook and Instagram make everything so easy, but I think blogs are so much more intimate. I'm going to try and do better. Still you should follow me in my other social networks. I update more there because...It's easy! Here is a recent pic from my instagram page...

I was showing off fabrics from a new pattern I just finished. 
See Below. I also started twittering! I know, crazy. 

I must be crazy.  

Besides all of my social networking, you may or may not have been wondering what I am up to this last few months. Well...the truth is, not much! Haha! I am still trying to settle in to my new home and environment in the Southern Utah desert. I really didn't like it at first, but that was probably because we moved here when it was 110 degrees last July. This summer was even hotter, but I think I have acclimatized. We swam a lot at the club pool, took a trip to Northern California (my old home), and went to Zion's and Lake Powell! It's been a lot of fun. Plus it's finally starting to cool down and Fall and Winter here are paradise. 

One of my biggest fears in moving here (other than the heat) was that I wouldn't be able to find any good spots to take pictures for my pattern covers. Turns out I was wrong. Here is a little peek at something new I just finished...

St. George has a lot of history. I knew that before moving here, but I had never really been out exploring in my drive throughs on our way to Vegas for tennis tournaments as a child. We always just stopped for gas and then we were on our way. Now that I live here, I never cease to be amazed at what secrets and treasures this town holds. 

This photo session was done at a little grouping of houses from the 1800's that have been turned into a bed and breakfast. It is darling and so quant. I felt like I was in another time. The dress is a pattern, but it's an exclusive for a magazine. So you'll have to order the mag to get it. 
I'll let you know which one as soon as it's all approved and ready to go. 

This picture is a little blurry, but I love that car!

I'm A LOT in love with this dress. I went back to my good "old ways" of mixing fabrics from several designers. You may see a few of my own in their too! Designing my own fabric has really been a highlight for me over the past 2 years. I haven't always wanted to do it, mostly out of fear, but once I got going I can't stop the ideas from flowing. Right now I'm working on something new, but I'm really trying to find myself with this one. I feel like the first two were kind of experimental. 

Miss Modd was my first fabric line and it was so much fun designing it. I went a little crazy with my colors and it turned out really bright and colorful, just how I like. But I was also just learning how to design art on a computer and learning the odds and ends of fabric design. I don't feel like I was fully able to express myself artistically. Besides that, designing fabric was not as easy as I thought I would be! There is a lot of going back and forth with the company that produces it and the mill that prints it.  So needless to say it took me a year to get that line out. Probably more because I am slow than anything and  I started going to bed on time...mostly. My creativity use to come out at 3am. I'm not sure where it's coming from these days, but it's still there. Just in different forms. I'll talk more on that another day.

Amelie, my second line also took a year and was much sweeter and softer than Miss Modd. I had a better feel for what I was doing, but it still had to go through several makeovers. I loved trying out new colors and a damask! I had so much fun sewing with it and making my new Gaucho's pattern too. Still, I'm not sure it's totally me. 

The one I am currently working on is turning out to be my favorite. I'm taking it slow and really working on details this time. We'll see how it goes.  I'll let you know in a year:)

Oh, we wanted to go inside so bad, but it was closed.

As for pattern design, I have slowed down quite a bit. There is so much out in the market these days and a lot to compete with. I tried to stay ahead of the game, but just couldn't keep up. My family started to wonder if I would ever do anything fun with them again and my brain and body were wondering what a full 8 hours of sleep might feel like. So I have kind of taken a back seat and a nap this last year.  I have really enjoyed watching the trends change and seeing all of the fun new patterns that have come out from fellow designers.  Wow! The talent out there is incredible.

 So for my own sanity, I decided to take this Fall off for anything new.  I have some solid ideas for Spring that I think will be fresh and new for the industry and hopefully something you haven't seen before. I'll keep you posted!

Last pic from the photo shoot...

Why can't our gas pumps still look like this? It's so colorful and full of personality! I think cars back then were a lot cooler too. Now they're just, economical.  

Well, hows that for an update? Hopefully it will satisfy for a little bit while I finish up some random projects that have been nagging at me.

Let's talk again soon!



Strictly Sewing said...

I'm so excited to see what is going to pop up! The competition out there must be fierce. I think it was a good idea to wait a season and I'm sure you will come back strong and surprise us all with your new creations. It will be refreshing with a new line fabric and patterns.

Mary Pat Proctor said...

I absolutely love the dress! Is it in the July issue of Sewing World magazine, or will it be one of the patterns for the pattern-a-month club?