July 25, 2011

105 degrees

Life has changed for me and my family in the last few weeks...A LOT.

We recently moved from here...

San Ramon

to the here...
St. George

See the difference?

Why is change so hard? I hate it and love it at the same time. I know it forces me to do things I wouldn't normally do and it somehow makes me stronger. I'm not sure how because I feel like a total weakling right now, but I know that in time I will be better because I was willing to change.

There are so many things I loved about my former life. For the last 3 years we lived in the East Bay of San Francisco in a little wonderland called San Ramon. I loved it so much there and I thought it would be my home for the rest of my life. Even when times were hard with Hartman being gone away to school all day and night, no money, no family close by, I still loved it. I loved all of the green trees and the beautiful streets with landscaped islands in the middle. I loved the rolling green hills in the winter and even the golden yellow they turned to in the heat of the summer. Of course I loved the weather, but I also loved the farmers market, the schools, my church, being 30 minutes from the city, the amazing Thai food, and so much more. But most of all I Loved my friends and their families. So so much. It hurts to think about them.

last swim party before we moved

I am definitely in a funk right now and I'm having a hard time feeling the love for St. George. I keep having nightmares. The first one I had was with Freddy Crouger and I haven't seen that show since I was 13 when I was forced to watch it at a sleep over. We all know what happens when you dream about him, right? Yeah...it was terrifying. The one I had last night was about a terrible earthquake that we were in and my kids and I were all trapped in a old building that completely crumbled. Some how we all survived in the dream, but I was still traumatized when I woke up. Besides the crazy dreams, the scolding hot weather, being trapped inside all day, and not having any girl friends to go to lunch with or talk to to pass the time, I am not feeling any sort of inspiration to design new patterns or fabric, unpack boxes, cook dinner, or anything else. I work out a lot, I eat a lot of salad, I update my face book status way too much, and I really just want to go home to San Ramon. I'm just kind of sad :(

Are you crying yet?

I knew it was going to be hard to move and I have already done my fair share of crying and complaining, but I was hoping it would pass once I got here. It hasn't and I need a remedy fast before I go on a rampage eating all the delicious food that St. George has to offer and gain 50 pounds! So I thought I would head out once a day into the 105 degree heat and find something that I love about this town. I'll take a picture of it and talk about it a little bit, then move on to the next thing. I hope by the end of it all I have a little more love for my new desert home and maybe some of you will want to come for a visit! It's quite the touristy town.

So sit back and enjoy the ride because here I go!
It's 105 degrees outside and I am going to love it, even if it kills me or makes me pass out.

My first find was this totally awesome consignment shop called Urban Revival. I was on the way to the gym on Friday and I got side tracked by some sweet chairs out in front of their shop. Since I only have $288 in my bank account and I have no idea when my next pay check is coming in I decided not to buy the chairs. Instead I settled for this....

For $11 the day was saved. It did the trick and I think those chairs that distracted me were heaven sent. Yeah, the gym may have made me a little skinnier, but this made me so happy and yes, I fell in love a little (tiny tiny bit) with St. George.


nic said...

the contrast between the two towns is striking. both are gorgeous, though.

moving can be so hard, especially when you love the place you're leaving. i just know that you'll have beautiful friends in no time though, chels, because that's the sort of person YOU are.

:) hang in there, my sweet friend.

Bobette said...

Chelsea, I can't believe you are in St. George! I am also a fellow St. Georgian and frequent buyer of your wholesale patterns for my Etsy shop, TheSewSweetShoppe! Moving can be so hard. My hubs, kiddos and I have been here now for 6 years. Hard to believe, but it is definitely home for me. If you can survive the heat you're set. Hope to run in to you some time!

Chelsea said...

Thanks Nic!

I feel like you and I are kindred spirits, even though we have never met. You always know what to say to make me feel better :)

Chelsea said...

Hey Bobette!

I didn't know you were here! We should meet for lunch some time. I am totally addicted to Bajio's Chicken Green Chile Salad.

Karen S said...

Sad post. We miss you. It doesn't feel right to not have lily on the guest list for morgan's birthday. Hang in there. It will get better.

Jessie said...

We went from grassy beautiful Minnesota to dry, red-dirted Wyoming. It was only for a year, but it was hard. I missed family, friends and seasons! Hang in there!