January 09, 2011

Miss Modd Bedroom Makeover

After three trips to IKEA I finally got all the right parts for the bed! Why don't they put things that go together next to each other? I've never really had trouble before, but for some reason the IKEA near me is not as efficient as others I have been to. I didn't help that it is 35 minutes away either. Still, I love going there there, but have mostly been in preparation for Quilt Market so it was fun to go and browse for my house. I found a lot of stuff that I think I need.

Finally! The bed is set up and ready to be decked out. For this whole week I will be doing a Miss Modd Bedroom makeover! But first I want to share with you another tutorial that I did over the Holiday break. The I Love U Pillow....

My baby girl was so sad because I didn't put any hearts in my fabric line, so I told her I would make her a heart pillow out of the fabric. That satisfied her and together we came up with the I Love U Pillow. I made it using Fairfield's FUSI-BOO! That stuff is awesome! It is a double sided fusible batting that holds your applique, quilt, etc...in place while you sew it to the backing or whatever is underneath. It was so easy to use, it didn't gum up my needle at all, and it made this project a breeze! To get the pattern for this pillow you have to go over to Fairfield by clicking HERE. I will also have link posted on my sidebar.

It will be part of the bedroom make over along with a tutorial for a bedskirt, body pillow cover, shams, and a bolster pillow cover!


nic said...

this pillow is fantastic--and your tiny floral print is killing me! so gorgeous. can't wait to see the makeover!

Cindy Sews said...

I can't wait to see the rest!