January 12, 2011

Miss Modd Bedroom Makeover...the Bed Skirt

I am a big fan of bed skirts...

Every bed in my house has one. This particular bed I think was made to not have a bed skirt, but it has to have one. Why?

Because I like to hide things under the beds.

Living in California, you don't have a whole lot of storage space. No basements, small closets, and not enough bedrooms. Everybody shares, so space is limited. In my girls room, it's usually the tall boots, story books, and stuffed animals that are left on the floor. My girls aren't really that messy, it's just they don't have places to put things. Now with this awesome IKEA bed ($100) they have a lot more! It's like adding a spare closet! I just need to find a couple of cute bins to store things in and we're set!

This particular bed skirt is called...The Miss Modd Bed Skirt. It's made from my lovely floral bouquet fabrics sewn together in strips. It was very easy to make and I think it's really going to make the bed look extra sweet. The duvet you see there is the old one that I have had on the bed for the last 3 years. I'm going to be changing it out with a nice crisp white one, so let's hope it doesn't get thrashed because I recently discovered that my youngest likes to sneak chocolate into bed at night and eat it under the covers!

I know making a bed skirt isn't rocket science, but I'm doing a tutorial anyways. If your anything like me, your mind might be boggled at the first attempt. Hopefully with a few tips and ideas it will be a breeze and you'll sew up your new bed skirt in a just a few hours without saying any bad words.

Here is the link to the PDF downloadable Tutorial! You can also find it, along with several other tutorials, on the right side bar.


Kymmie said...

CHELSEA!!! I can't believe this... my oldest daughter has the same bed!!! I LOVE that bed!!! Hmmmm My hubby is gonna kill me getting more fabric!!! hahaahha (Still wish I had won that gorgeous quilt to go on it!) hahah! We use under the bed as storage as well - FL doesn't have a lot either! =) BEAUTIFUL job!!! (As always!!!)

Strictly Sewing said...

Texas is the same when it comes to space. No basements either. Very kind of you to do a tutorial. I am so visual and love all the help I can get on a sewing project. I'm sure it isn't fun cleaning chocolate from the bed but such a cute memory to write down in a book. It's always cute when it isn't your child's mess to clean.

Lila Tueller said...

WAAAY cute skirt, Chels:)

craftmatic said...

I truly loved such great work for bed especially that it was coated with that extra cute and cool fabric. The bed was totally awesome and I just can't help my self admire this fantastically funky bed.