August 06, 2010

A New Room

I am in the process of decorating my new sewing room and gathering ideas. Of course when I googled images of craft and sewing rooms, Heather Bailey's was at the top of the list. Have you seen hers before? It is beautiful and I want it.

Here is a lovely shabby chic room from the fancy farm girl that caught my eye:

And one that is a little more modern:

I can't decide which way to go. Maybe a combo of the two different styles. Can that even be done? When we moved I made I deal with my husband that he could have the bedroom that would have served as my sewing room all to himself, if I could use our family room as my creative space. He was convinced by the idea that all of his books, his exercise stuff, and whatever else he wanted could be safely locked away from the rest of family, and that he could leave it as messy as he wants because it's his room, not our bedroom/office! Still, he wasn't totally sold because the idea of my fabric being spread out all over a main area of the house didn't sound appealing, but I convinced him to let me try it and that if it didn't work out I would move into one of the bedrooms.

I will never, ever, move.

Here is a snap shot of my new room taken just a few days after we moved in. It's still kind of messy, but you can see that I have a pretty big space to work with and yes, those are sea shells on the luminous pink couch. I'll explain later.

It's a pretty big space just off the kitchen in the back of the house. I love it because it's like I have a built in snack bar! Not that I need snacks, but still, when those late night munchies hit it's nice to have full access.

For some reason, where I live in California, lights do not come standard in the homes. You have to add them or buy lamps. It's kind of weird and my sewing room is one that didn't have lights added. So when I started looking for unique table lamps I went to CSN Lighting. They have thousands! I really like this one by Robert Abbey. It is begging to take the place of the hideous lamp in the back of my room.

I'll be working on this room at a pretty slowly and plan to share my design ideas with you as I go, but right now I am packing up and getting ready to go to Paris and England. Did I mention I was going to Paris too? Do you want to come? Well you can...sordove. BE SURE to check in next week for info!

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Philopolis Designs said...

I really like the modern look!
I was actually inspired by Patty's youngs Studio...fabulous!! She shared a few photos in her blog around December of last year! She used some of what looked like ikea book shelves...I thought Ikea is super afforadable so my studio was inspired by her!! I cannot wait to see yours!!