March 27, 2010

Kill The Fat....Jamie Oliver

This show is awesome!!!

I don't think I can let my kids eat school lunch ever again, unless Jamie can somehow get the schools here in California to get on board. If you watch the first 2 episodes and don't gag a little then you are made of much stronger stuff than I am!

So the question is how do we get our local schools to feed our kids good food that isn't processed? I was checking out his website and found that you can sign this petition to get involved in your own area. I wonder what it would take to get him to come to my kids school and then stop by to help me make dinner - hmmm.....That would be amazing!

Jamie Oliver...I could not love you more!

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Andrea said...

I saw part of the first show. It would be great if schools would serve better food for our kids. It would also be nice for the kids to have some alternate choices as well. My daughter has a dairy allergy and that leaves her out of a lot of their choices anyway. She doesn't buy her lunch much for that reason. I would pay more for a good lunch for my kids, although not all parents think that way. Good food, unprocessed, natural, organic, they all cost more and a lot of people are into CHEAP!

Mande said...

Great show. I am addicted. Hope he can start a revolution. I would also pay more for a good quality school lunch.

Strictly Sewing said...

I watched the show and liked it. I would say my cooking is about 50/50. 50% scratch and 50% processed. I think healthy food is affordable. A year ago I stopped buying sugar cereals, fruit snacks, granola bars, teddy grahams, goldfish etc. and found that there was money to buy healthy food. Cooking from scratch is cheaper but definitely more work. Plus, if you buy expensive health food items, just eat the right portion sizes one is suppose to eat and then the cost of food evens out compared to the massive quantities of the cheap food we eat anyway(at least that is the case for me). I like how Jamie says that this Food Revolution is for big and skinny people. My husband is a rail but thinks Nacho Cheese Doritos counts as a carb and dairy. Can't wait to get my hands on Jamie's recipes.

Mika said...

Chelsea, Revolution Foods is working its way to CA/WA/CO (elsewhere?) school lunch programs. I know it's already in SOME schools. From the bit I saw glancing over their website (my kids LOVE their Organic Grammy Sammy's), it's organic and healthy lunches. You should check it out and see if there are plans to go to your district or if there's something you can do to expedite it. It's HORRIBLE the way school lunches are, horrible!

Lori said...

I watched it too. It was awesome except for the way he was treated. The red tape was frightening. Reminded me of a documentary I recently watched. Have you seen Food, Inc.? If not, it is a must see.

Pixie And Blue said...

I thought the show was a total eye opener. I am now thinking to start having my kid take lunches to school.

cathie r. said...

Just found your blog thru U Create-love your patterns!

I happen to work for a school district food service department in the state of Washington. I can't speak for other districts/states but I really feel that my district is trying really hard to cut the fat/sugar in their food program and offer healthy choices. We offer 3 main dish entree's daily, plus 2 kinds of fruit and 2 kinds of fresh vegetables and milk.
I also see the after lunch garbage on a daily basis and the amount of food waste is incredible. Those great sack lunches coming from home are just as much thrown away, uneaten as our school lunches are.
I could go on and on and granted there are some school lunch programs that could improve, but before you judge go look at your kids school lunches, see what they are actually eating versus the choices they are given and then take your concerns to the head of the food service department.