March 24, 2010

Kill The Fat...No Gluten?

Just so you know, I should be designing a pattern right now.

How come fat makes them look cute? Not fair.

So the war is raging on. I am holding my ground against my worthy and oh so annoying opponent, "the fat". It has camped out on my butt and stomach and is refusing to budge. What it doesn't know is that I have another secret weapon that I am unleashing. It's called, Hartman - my super healthy husband. The new and improved battle plan was set into action a couple of weeks ago when I spit into a little plastic tubes and I didn't drink diet coke all day long. That was hard, but not as hard as I thought it would be. Then I packaged up my spit in bio hazard bag and FedExed it to a lab who is analyzing it. The results are on the way and I'm positive they are going to show that my body is a little freaky inside. It needs to be rebalanced and re-set. Once that has happened "the fat" will die! I assure you I will show it no mercy.

I have been gluten free for almost a month now, (aside from that little slice of pumpkin cake I had the other night.) Oh man that was pretty much heaven. Why gluten free? There is a scientific reason behind it that I could try and explain, but instead I'll give you my version. Going gluten free for a month SHOULD reset my clock and my metabolism. When my labs come back saying, "girl your hormone levels are all out of whack!" I will willing take the supplements Hartman gives me. I probably wouldn't have done it so willingly a few years ago, but I am now a believer. I have worked out and watched what I ate for months now with no results aside from my biceps getting tighter and I am sick of it! Something is wrong inside of me and it will all come out in my spit. I will win this battle and when I do, I will help you on your way to win yours too. One more week of no gluten and then I'm heading to Tomatino's for some real pasta! I found the best definition for what a gluten free diet is HERE.

Next on the list, finding a supplement that will turn my gray hairs back to brown. Right now it's called Brazilian Brown from Loreal and it works pretty good, but only for 6 weeks or so.

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Kerith said...

Chelsea, we just went gluten free in our family in January and I have been absolutely amazed at the difference I've seen in myself & my daughter. My little girl (only 4 years old and otherwise completely healthy) was struggling with sleep apnea every night and during nap times even- one week off grains and it completely resolved. I've always struggled with my weight, but have found taking the gluten out of my diet has helped tremendously. And with all the gluten free products on the market now- we have pumpkin pancakes, chocolate cake- even a local restaurant carries gluten free pizza crust. It's not the same, but it's a good substitute, especially for us! And when you find that supplement to fix the hair color- let me know! ;-)

Pixie And Blue said...

That's a good idea. I think I'll try it. I really have been getting frustrated lately. I can diet and exercise all I want with no results. Some times I feel like I just want to give up! I know I'm not that bad, if I lost 30 pounds I'd be back in my size 4/5 jeans.

So, what do you eat for breakfast? We're bog cereal people here!

Lori said...

Ooooh. I can't wait to hear how this turns out. I have often wondered about this very thing myself. Keep us updated!!