February 24, 2010

Papa Pique Product Review

This is kind a fun idea that I have been wanting to do for awhile now. Product Review! You send me a sample of a product you are selling. I sample it, photograph it, and then write up a review on my blog about it with a link to your site. It's a good way to advertise and bring in new customers and you can be sure that I will be one of them :)

First up is Papa Pique. They sell adorable hair accessories! I love her choice of fabrics and colors and she has tons of options to choose from. I am a sucker for anything polka dot so I chose to feature a skinny pink polka dot headband and a red polka dot flower barrette.

They are really well made and comfortable! Her website is very user friendly and she offers free shipping on orders over $30!

I also wanted to mention that my aunt Lila is giving away a beautiful quilt on her blog! Is she crazy or something, because this quilt is to die for! I have seen this quilt up close and the detail is beautiful! Hurry over and get your name in the drawing because you never know, YOU could be the lucky winner!

For more info on product review email me at: vcbdesign@gmail.com


Philopolis Designs said...

Sweet! I love reviews....you can find sooo many creative people out there that way! The headband is adorable!
I would like to do a review with you...so I will e-mail you soon!!

Kara said...

Can an adult wear the thin headbands. AKA: Me and Breeze share?