February 15, 2010

Kill The Fat....With Exercise

Not like that!

Like this! Follow the tips below to get started. Once you get going, you won't be able to stop!

Tip #1: You've got to jump in with both feet. It's my opinion that the only way to get going on a good workout program is to start out strong, going every day, and don't make excuses to not workout. You have to make a habit of it or you'll end up quitting. Make yourself do it 5 to 6 times a week for an hour a day for 3 weeks straight. By the end of that 3rd week, you'll find a desire that wasn't there before! It happened to me :)

For the last 3 months I have been exercising a minimum of 5 times a week for a minimum of 1 hour a day. It was hard at first and after the first couple of weeks I started to feel worn out, but I pushed through it and now I'm at the point where if I miss I day, I don't feel as good. I have to work out!!!

Once you get going one of two things is going to happen. You'll either start to see results fast and the weight will melt away, which in turn will motivate you to keep at it. By the time you get to where you want to be, you'll be in the habit of working out and it will be as easy as taking a nap! OR you won't see weight loss results right off the bat, but you will notice a change in your energy and the way you feel. The changes will also come in loss of inches as you build muscle first and build up your endurance. You'll start to feel more alive and as you push through the grind of working out everyday, you'll soon be in the habit. It might take a few months to start seeing actual weight loss, so be patient. Focus on the inches and how you feel and remember muscle weighs more than fat and muscle burns fat. Once you build the muscle the fat will start to melt away.

That is actually where I'm at right now. Slow going on the weight loss, but I know my body is changing. Right now I can see the most results in my arms and my back! Those aren't the 2 places I would have chosen to see results first, but I know it's only a matter of time before it starts to spread.

Tip #2: Make sure you rest on Sunday. God told us to rest on the Sabbath and so did my trainer! I wouldn't disobey either one, so take this serious! Your body has to rest and recuperate. It needs to re-energize and if you don't let it, you'll burn out. Also, make sure you get 7 to 8 hour of sleep each night for the same reasons as resting on Sunday. Your body needs that time to re-boot.

Tip#3: Moderation is key. I hate dieting. I think it is the absolute worst! When I try to do it, I feel deprived and it makes me grouchy. My body needs carbs an some sugar every now and then! It needs food and I need to like what I'm eating. Food is a blessing and one of my top 5 reasons for living! Seriously. Eating good food that tastes good makes all the difference to me. I honestly don't think cutting stuff completely out of your diet is the way to go. Because then your body craves it and you are more likely to binge later on. Plus you are depriving yourself of important nutrients you need to stay healthy. Moderation is key here and watching what you eat and the amounts you take in is very important. Picking the right kinds of carbs is important as is cutting down on sugar, but don't cut it out completely. That will just make you sad. Oh and of course, drink water...lot's and lot's of water. I really liked THIS article about watching what you eat and staying healthy.

Bottom Line: You need to be burning more calories than you eat. I am saving up for one of those calorie counter watches to help me keep better track. I'll let you know if helps.

Tip#4: Join the GYM! If you haven't already, but you really want to, try these workout DVD's:

Insanity (warning) this really is insane!

Turbo Jam and Zumba will get you ready for some of the classes at the gym and give you a little head start on some of the moves. Do these for a couple of weeks and you'll find it a lot easier to get the routines in the classes. Power 90 and Insanity will just kick your butt and make you feel like a rock star!

I recommend having these in your workout DVD library at all times. When I can't make it to the gym or for some reason the gym is closed I pull out one of these and I'm set.

Tip#5: Keep checking in to Kill The Fat. The way you eat is about 75% of where your weight loss will come from. Staying informed on healthy eating and good recipes are really going to help with that and I'm working hard to stay on top of that so you don't have to do the research. Just check the right side bar under Kill The Fat Posts to stay up date.

Let's Live Long and Prosper together. V


Sara said...

excellent Chelsea!! You have certainly inspired my fitness efforts!!!

Heather M said...

Do you take your kids to the gym? How do you fit in the exercise with 4 little ones?

Doreen Hall said...

There is no such thing as weight loss, I have proved that many a time. I have noticed the "weight" does move around a little.

Chelsea said...

I'm so glad you feel inspired Sara! I hope I can keep it up :)

Hey Heather! I usually have to take 1 or 2 with me, but it's worth it because they love to go and it's nice out from being in the house all day.

Doreen - I totally know how you feel. I have been at this game for 4 years. I agree, it does like to move around, so I have finally decided the best way to get rid of it is turning it into muscle. I've added a lot of resistant workouts and weightlifting to get it done.

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Snacking? I just started with you at the begining of the year, and it's been great. I noticed I am getting hungry more often which is a sign that my metabolism is going up. Anyway...snacking on nuts (almonds, pistachios, walnuts) will actually fuel your energy and target your belly fat. It's fact...it's a lot better than going for my kids snacks or even yogurts. (they just don't satisfy my snacking needs) Good luck killing the fat!

Liz said...

I skipped my workout this morning. :( Guess I'll have to go this afternoon or tonight! Thanks for the motivation!


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