January 15, 2010


It's time again, to Kill The Fat!

So for those of you who followed me last year...are you skinnier? I'm not! Not that I didn't try. I worked out all year 3 to 4 times a week, ate healthy, and still didn't see much improvement. I did loose several inches around my waist, but I kind cheated. I won't go into detail, but I will tell you that it involved a laser. Kind of stupid, but hey - it worked.

If you remember from last year I was working out at home with a huge stock pile of DVD's that I still love and will always keep in my possession, but this year I am doing it different. I also tried to follow a workout and food plan that my SIL Kassi laid out for me, but I was really and truly very bad and that. This time I am going to do better and I finally decided to follow her advice to join a gym. DUH! Best thing I have ever done!!! It's making a huge difference and I am starting to notice some big changes. Working out at home was definitely not a waist because it gave me the endurance and strength I needed to jump right into the gym classes. Most of my DVD's like Turbo Jam and Zumba helped me learn the same moves they use in the classes and saved me from looking like a total doofus the first few weeks. So if you're still working out on your own at home that's great and you have got to keep going, but I have to say that NOTHING is as motivating as MOE the turbo kick queen at the gym. Holy smokes! I'm sure you have a Moe at your gym too, so get there as soon as you can. Besides that, I have a group of friends that I meet there every day that makes working out a blast! We send out emails the night before encouraging each other to go and on Friday's we reward ourselves with a killer pilates class and healthy lunch afterwards. I absolutely love it! Who knew I could become addicted to working out? If you do it right, you can too!

So here is the new plan. Kill The Fat is back and this time it really is going to DIE! If you want to join me in an aggressive attack on those stubborn lumps and bumps then I welcome you! I want to hear your comments and success stories. I'll share mine with you too, along with workout playlists, workout schedules that I'm following, my favorite classes at the gym, my favorite home DVD's, my favorite HEALTHY foods and recipes, and whatever else I can think of to help us get fit. I'll talk about eating organic verses not eating organic, share scary food stories that I come across to freak you out and get you eating organic as much as possible (even if it costs more, you'll find that it is worth it). Or I'll at least get you checking the ingredients on the food you buy to make sure they don't have things like bleach, high fructose corn syrup, cotton seed oil, and modified starches in them. I mean, when I put it that way doesn't it sound like a recipe for fat?

If you have a hard time eating everything healthy (like me), and you don't like things like liver, fish, and bovine (like me), and you do like sweet treats and diet coke (like me) then I'll give you a list healthy whole food supplements to help you keep your body young and energized, despite the crap you love to eat. To loose weight and get healthy you will have to cut down, but you won't have to go without.

Sound reasonable? Good - then we're starting now! Check in weekly for new posts and start Killing Your Fat. Join my followers (on the right side bar) to stay in touch.


AnnieB said...

Yay! I love being in your workout posse and I love motivating each other!! I'm ready to step it up a notch though--I'm plateau-ing! I've been thinking about adding spin or something. I could try some of your suggestions for dieting too but I just love food too much to cut stuff out!
Let's do it together!
love you!

AnnieB said...

Oh, and I LOVE MOE! like seriously obsessed! Does it get better than Moe and being with the girls at the gym sweating it up!?

Chelsea said...

YAY Annie! I love you :)

I'm in for whatever you want. Just send me an email telling me the day and time. I have heard storries about Spin classes and it kind of scares me, but I"ll do it if you do!

Susan Van Horn said...

Good for you, Chelsea! Looking forward to reading your tips!

Can I share one with you? Green smoothies! Simply water, frozen banana, fruit (apples, grapes, frozen strawberries, etc) and add greens such as spinach and kale. They taste good, surprisingly, and they really kill your cravings for junk and give you loads of energy. There are lots of blogs and sites with info and recipes if you search "green smoothies".

Cora said...

Yay for this blog! My roommates and I have decided to lose the weight together as well. We have begun to tackle the cycling classes and they are AMAZING! You can go at your own pace and build up. They burn a crazy amount of calories and you feel so good after. I highly recommend trying atleast one cycling class. Good luck! I will be checking in for some great recipe ideas to share with my roommates :)

Andujar Family said...

Hey, I am on a hardcore exericse binge now too! Are you going to 24??

Chelsea said...

Susan those green smoothies sound delicious. I'll be googling those for sure. Thanks for the tip!

Cora that is awesome that you have room mates to work out with! I think my friend Annie and I are going to try Spin. At this point I'll try anything. I'll have a good recipe coming up soon!

Andujar Family! I am going to 24 hour Super Sport and I love it!!!

Anonymous said...

Good for you Chels! You are never cease to amaze me! Whatever you put your mind to, you do it! You want it? It happens! You are so motivating and inspiring to so many people :)
I love you Chels!!

Anonymous said...

oh anonymous means...Kassi :)

zees5 said...

I have been following you on bloglines, but added you to my google. thanks!