December 02, 2009

Pretty Jewelry...

My second favorite item of the year is this awesome jewlery made by Vintage Butterfly. I talked about it a couple of weeks ago, but it's so cute that I think it is worth mentioning again and I have much better pictures this time.

If you live in Utah you have seen this stuff pretty much everywhere you go, but everywhere else in the world I think it's unique. I haven't seen anyone else wear them in my neck of the woods and when I go out with one on, I get about 100 compliments! Even the Rocker Guy in the BUCKLE the other day was ooohing and awwweing!
I went to Utah a few weeks ago and was invited to the designers home so I could view her amazing selection and pick some out for myself. Naturally, I bought a bunch.
These are bracelets! Aren't they beautiful?

Guys...If you're girl loves jewelry and you're looking for something unique I think this is it! The chains come in various styles and can be short or long. Some have extra dangly's on them, like cyrstals and stones and others are just plain. The chains vary from $20-$40 and the charms are typically in the $20's. They have small all the way to Ginormous sizes in the charms. You can pick from what she has already made or you can special order your children's names, a picture of your children, mother, or grandmother etc...

Oh and she even had Twilight and New Moon charms! Any teenager, mom, or grandma would LOVE to get that in their stocking!

For more info contact Missy at: or check out her BLOG.

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