December 08, 2009

Amazing Artwork

Prepare to have your Holiday Socks blown off!

Truth be told, I am not any where near the most artistic/creative person in my family. You already know that because you know I am related to Lila and Lucy, but you don't know about my mega talented mother in law Kathy. Not only is she a master seamstress, but she is an amazing artist. She surprised me last year with this painting that just showed up on my door step one day, and yes...I cried when I opened it:

This one came a few months ago:

Again...there were tears. How could I not cry? These paintings are beautiful!

The first is an original piece that she did right out of her head. I didn't send her a picture or anything. She captured my boys in their youth at about ages 6 and 3 and just dreamed up that stunning ocean background. I LOVE it! The second is of my girls at about the same age and I did send her a picture to go off of. So you see, she can do it either way, which means your possibilities are pretty much endless.

If you are wanting to order something like this for Christmas you might have to go with a gift certificate and the link to this post to show what they will be getting because I'm not sure there is enough time for her to whip out some portraits. I honestly would love a gift certificate for something like this. All the husbands in the world should be getting one for his wife. She will melt!

For all inquiries on time frames and pricing contact Kathy Andersen at: Or you can email me at with comments and questions and I'll be sure she get's the message.

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Shannon said...

I would cry too. Those paintings are amazing.