October 14, 2009

Fall Quilt Market 2009 - Part 1

This is my booth. It had a little make over from the last market in Pittsburgh, but I still have a few more upgrades in mind for the next one. Like a better way to display my logo and a better clothing rack. I did add a digital frame this time that flashed through all of my previous designs and it worked out pretty good. People would stop for a treat and watch a few clips then we would chat just like you would in your own living room.

I made these chair covers that everybody seemed to like and they kept asking me to make a pattern for it. I'm thinking I might...for all the money in the world. If somebody could round that up for me and deposit it into my pay pal account, I'll get started.

I had these adorable buckets made to hold my patterns. Click HERE to get one for yourself:

Here are a couple of different versions of some of my new patterns:

I had another Nie Nie Skirt with the Olivia Top, but Holly bought it right out of my booth! It was made from Patty's Mezzanine fabrics. If you want to see it in person stop by Pine Needles in Gardner Village. Don't forget to pick up the pattern and a ton of fabric while you're there!

And last but not least, me and my loyal helper Kara. She is the bomb and I could not have done it without her!

Quilt Market was awesome! Houston was humid and I think we hold the record for getting lost the most out of anyone in the history of this world. That place is c r a z y. Thankfully the wonderful people in Houston took pity on us many times and by some miracle it all came together. I have a lot of stories to tell, but we'll save those for the full QM report coming in a few days. I still need to edit the rest of my pictures, fill some ordres, and get a few more good nights sleep before I attempt to write it all out.

Now to announce the winners of the contest!!!

Congrats to:

The Montalbos who won a custom made Nie Nie skirt!

Sarah Phipps, Vik, and Amy who won a pattern pack of all of my new patterns!

Send me an email to vintagechicboutique@comcast.net so I can get some info.


Oh! My friend Melanie is giving away some of my patterns on her blog! Check it out HERE.


Dawn said...

Congratulations to the winners...Looks like you had a fabulous time away...I love the bucket..shame I live in Australia or I'd get one.
Hugs Dawn x

Karen S said...

Good work you! Love the fabric on the Nie Nie skirt and Juliet top (don't you love how I know all of your lingo?). Welcome home.

Vik said...

OMG I am too shocked to string a sentence together.....thank you sooooooo much, I am beside myself with excitement!!

gillian said...

Your booth looks wonderful! The clothes are outstanding. LOVE you patterns! Just bought a few more at The Cotton Ball this summer. Best wishes...

AnnieB said...

I can't believe I missed your giveaway! I've been a little out of it lately! I miss you! Quilt Market and your booth look fabulous. I heard it was successful...I ran into Hartman at church as I almost (ALMOST) walked into the men's room. A little embarrassing. Anyway, let's get together so I can hear all about your trip!
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

The booth looks wonderful! I hope one day I will get to go to quilt market...it looks like soooo much fun!

Stephanie Cameron said...

Looks awesome!! Kara said you were a rockstar!! I'm so proud of you!!

cupcake studio said...

What an awesome booth! Lovely blog!

Anonymous said...

new to your blog & LOVE it! I may try one of those chair covers, they are adorable!!!! TFS!

Anonymous said...

I envy you, that you have been in Houston ... wish I could have dropped by ... did you get to sell all the samples you wanted or do u also offer some on Etsy?