October 21, 2009

Fall Quilt Market 2009 - Part 2...My Aunties!

I think I'm going to make this a 3 part thing and focus on my Aunts this time. My amazing, wonderful, sweet, loving, funny, deliriously crazy aunts!

Lila, of course ROCKED quilt market with her new line Eden. Check out this awesome painting she did!

She might not like me for this, but do you think she should do more paintings and offer them for sale? I do!!! Maybe she could do a bunch to match each fabric line! If you agree with me post a comment here so I can pass it along.

I asked her if I could have it, but she won't give it to me. She said her daughter Paige has dibs (whatever!), but she did say she would paint something custom for me if I sew some clothes for her sweet little grand baby. I'm thinking up something good, probably to match her next line. Ohhhh it's yummy!

Love, love, love this bedding! This is the stuff that got me sewing in the first place. She has always had the most amazing bed sets. I cannot wait to sew the pillows up for my girls room.

Here she did her old Soiree Quilt in Eden

And of course the fabulous Stella!

Lila and Laura (my other aunt and her sister) They are both so beautiful

Lucy (Lila and Laura's little sister, my aunt and past helper in my Pink Fig booth) had a new booth with BOYS patterns. She was the Bomb! Here it is, Hot Scott Patterns:

She has 3 darling boys of her own so there was a lot of inspiration behind her designs.

Oh my gosh...I loved this bull dog!

Lucy and her fabulous assistant Jenny. You girls are gorgeous!

Don't forget to check out her web site and order lot's of patterns! You all know you have been begging for boys stuff and she delivered :)

And the last shot of us all...well almost all of us. Kara was off getting the Uhaul so she's going to get an exclusive glamour shot below:

I've got to tell you Kara, you're kind of making me want to get a faux hawk! (Did I mention that she does my hair?) You are a total Rock Star!

That's it for our gang! Aren't they amazing? We had so much fun in Houston together and we are so thankful for our helpers and for that fact that they didn't abandon us after the first day. We made them work, sweat, starve, and go on little to no sleep. We made them join us on an adventure in Houston where we were lost for hours, talking, laughing, getting mad, frustrated, and hungry, then finally arriving at our destination (Walmart) at midnight! We made them unpack boxes, hang curtains, dress mannequins, fetch us diet cokes, stand in our booths for hours on end and talk to every single person who stopped by with a big smile on their face. Then when it was all over we made them take it all down, pack it in the Uhaul, drive to the hub only to miss the deadline to ship our boxes, beg the girl to let us ship under my account, write with crazy mad speed all of our addresses on the packaging slips, load 30 boxes into the Uhaul truck making the driver 1 hour late for his drop off (he was mad until we tipped him!), then finally eat our last dinner together at about 10pm. They thought they were coming for a good time and the opportunity to mix and mingle with all the creative minds in our industry, but no. They worked their little hinney's off and in the end they all said they wanted to do it again! CRAZY, CRAZY people I tell you! Who in their right mind would want to do it all again?


Sarah Phipps said...

You guys have to be one of the most talented bunch. I love the boys patterns.

Lila Tueller said...

Nice post, Chelsea! Thanks for making me look good...except for a couple of those shots where my wrinkles have taken over the world.
You are a sweetheart!

melifaif said...

What a talented group of ladies?!? Wow. You inspire me. And please do more paintings! How lovely...I think I may do my own rendition!

Cora said...

I love the paintings! I defintely think she should sell them :)

solomi558 said...

Love the paintings , yes it would be fab ,.fabric
Isn,t it great to be a girl----------------cottonreel

John and Julie Kupper said...

Hey Happy Birthday yesterday.. I lost my phone last week .. otherwise I would have called you. But I just want you to know how much I love and miss you. hope to see you soon. maybe over the holidays sometime? Hope you had a great birthday Chels.

Tina Freeberg said...

What a fabulous site. I am wondering about the Stella model that is wearing the cute shirt and skirt. I notice the Aunts are wearing the same shirt. Is there some where I can get that pattern for that shirt. I love it. I would love to make one for myself.
Thanks so much