June 18, 2009

I saw this movie and it was so good that I cried....both times.

The Hubby said, "It was good."

What? Good? He must be kidding me! Then he said, "I liked Star Trek better."

I don't understand him. Clearly, we are from different solar systems. Or maybe just different planets. Or it could different realities or time periods, like I'm from the future and he's from the past, I'm not sure. Whatever it is we do not agree, but we did agree that in hand to hand combat John Connor would definitely beat Captain Kirk.


Katie said...

Yes that movie is awesome!! Anything with Christian Bale is awesome. Yeah, he'd kick Captain Kirk's booty.

Kara said...

You know I was happy to go with you to see Christian Bale as one of his hottest characters. But I have to side with Hartman.. I liked Star Trek better. This was good though for my first Terminator. Only for you girly. Love ya!

Lila Tueller said...

Oh I must see that movie. Well too bad you aren't here to go with me. We shoulda done that while you were. Can you come back for a sec?