March 16, 2009

I know what my problem is! It's snickerdoodles and all other sweet treats. I love them. I really, really love them. I made this homemade lemon cake on Sunday...oh my! It was just too good and I ate a lot of it throughout the week. The plus side to eating the cake - there isn't one. It was just good and now it's on my butt.

Thanks to weight watchers online food tracker I have been able to see just how much I love these sugary devils that we call dessert. Too much! I think they are the center of my struggle to loose weight. I've been working out daily for the last 8 weeks, I'm loosing some inches, but not weight. Why? Because I snack all the time! I'm home all day working and I'm in the kitchen 15 different times throughout the day getting food for myself and the kids. First it's breakfast, then a snack, another snack, lunch, a drink, a snack, a snack, a snack, a snack, dinner, dessert, snack, midnight snack, 3 am snack. You get the picture. The snacking must end. I think weight watchers is really going to help me because I am definitely more conscious of how many points I am eating and what costs the most points. A cookie is a lot of points so I better only eat one. Sad, I know, but if I'm going to keep killing the fat I have to control this.

Want to to know a secret? It's really 3 am Thursday morning, I just worked out because I didn't do it on Wednesday and I ate 3 snickerdoodles! (they were small, but sooo good.) I am back-blogging because I have not had time for anything lately except pattern designing. So I'm up late working and decided, what the heck! I'll just throw a little work out into the mix. I'm crazy, I know, but it gave me the boost I needed to go for another hour. Back to work! I'll try and post my stats tomorrow for you to Enjoy:)

Kassi's Tip of the week: Breathe Like A Baby - breathe through your nose and to the belly. This helps move oxygen more efficiently and helps better metabolism. Breathing through the mouth is a stress response and is shallow.

I'm just going to post the previous week because it's getting kind of long:

Week 7:

  • chest: 33
  • stomach: 30
  • hips: 36.5
  • thighs: right - 20.5 , left: 21
  • arms: right - 10, left - 10.5
Week 8:
  • Chest: 33
  • stomach: 29.5
  • hips: 36
  • thighs: right: 20.5 left: 21
  • arms: right 10 left 10.5


Cynthia said...

I am having the exact same problem.....too many sweets that sabotage my weight watcher's program. I am hitting the gym this morning, my friend told me to increase my water intake and that should help me with the over eating. Good luck!

Nancy said...

I did weight watchers a couple of years ago and it totally works, if you stick to it! I was awesome for a year, and then I've let it go a little for the last two and am trying to get back on track. But I thought I'd share some of my favorite cookies that are so good, easy and not too bad for you. Take a spice cake mix and a can of pumpkin and mix them together. It's a little hard to get it all incorporated, but stir it together good and then drop them onto a cookie sheet in small cookie portions and cook at 350 for 8-10 minutes, if you like pumpkin, these are awesome. They are good with chocolate chips too, but not quite as good for you. I think they are like one point to two points each depending on how big you make them. I keep them in my freezer so they aren't as easy to get too! Also if you take a regular cake mix and add a can of diet soda it makes a yummy moist cake. Like a chocolate cake with a can of diet coke, or a vanilla cake with a can of diet sprite, also a spice cake with a can of diet dr. pepper works well too. The cake works best in cupcakes, then you have a small portion, and this cake does not cut well (so it's not good for pretty presentation, but it tastes awesome) Try cutting the cupcakes in half and putting fat free coolwhip and strawberries, yum!) Good luck, don't give up!

Geeta said...

I'm going to be quick, but try this for your sweet fix:

It has no sugar but eat it with chopped strawberries- it is delicious!

Have you heard of the MUFA diet, to reduce belly fat? MUFa's are good fats:
Flax oil
Sunflower oil
Olive oil
Canola oil
Green olives
Almond butter
Peanut butter
Chocolate chips
Macadamia nuts
Dark chocolate
Pesto sauce.

If you add these to each meal, they will reduce cravings and have lots of other benefits. Read more here:

Also, throw out anything in your kitchen that is bad for your health and do not buy it again. If it's not there in the first place, you won't be reaching for it.


Amelia said...

I have trouble with snickerdoodles too.

You look awesome!!!