March 10, 2009

Got Honey Buns? I do and they are so cute! In fact I love all of Moda's bake shop items. Honey Buns...Jelly know. They sound sooo yummy and they are!

Lila just made the cutest purse using a Soire'e Honey Bun and she is offering the pattern for FREE for a limited time. Click HERE to download the pattern. I am currently working on a new pattern for Spring that will feature her Honey Buns too. Watch for a sneak peek this week!


Anonymous said...

I have some great "kill the fat" info for you. I didn't see a way to email you. Is there a link for that on your blog?

Mona L

Chelsea said...

Hey Mona!

I would love some info:)

My email is


nic said...

ooh, that IS a snazzy bag! love it!!

Heather said...

That looks like a great project for my rainy days forecasted ahead. I'll being seeing rain drops from now until Sunday. I think I could mange to have a new bag finished by then :)