January 12, 2009

Kill The Fat - My Secret Weapon

Ya baby! This is my Sister in Law Kassi! Is she rockin or what? Well...you didn't think I was qualified to not only kill my fat, but help you kill yours did you? :) I am sooo not qualified, but she is!!!

Kassi currently runs for Nike and is a personal trainer in Michigan. She is the MOST in shape person I know. She is healthy inside and out and is my role model, my idol, and she is going to get me a rockin body too! Kassi lived with us over the summer and visited us for 2 weeks over the Holiday's. I can't help but feel inspired to get in shape when she is around and I know that with her help I can do it! She is my on-line personal trainer and she can be yours too!She is working up a little something for those who are interested and will soon be offering an e-mail personal training package that is sure to get your bootie in gear and get you a healthier, happier body. (Check back soon for more details on that.) She and Hartman have also agreed to help me make my Monday Posts full of great info to help you stay motivated, get healthy, and Kill the Fat.

My story: I am a stay at home mother of 4 sweet kids. They range from ages 12 to 3 and they keep me busy. I did pretty good with the first 3 weight wise, but #4 kicked my butt! I gained 56 pounds and developed a skin condition on my face known as hyperpigmentation or a pregnancy mask. It made me mad, sad, and really, really frustrated. Over the last 3 years I have worked out off and on and tried every single cream under the sun to try and fix my skin, but not much progress has been made until recently. In July my family ventured to California to support our main man Hartman and his dream to become a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine. Since then we have become a very health conscious family. I'll admit, It was hard for me at first. After all, I have been eating processed foods, drinking pop, and eating junk since I was a kid. Most of us have. Why? Because that's the American way! Well it's not good. Over the last several years we have had a rise in childhood diseases, cancers, heart disease, allergies, asthma, diabetes, blood pressure, and obesity to name a few and frankly, it's killing us. But even after hearing that for last 8 years from my Brother Shain(the organic farmer) and other family members, I resisted. What did it for me? It was this:

FRUIT!!! Believe it or not, we will eat all of this and the fruit that is in the fridge within about a week. As soon as we got here Hartman started devouring fruit. California fruit is delicious and he could not get enough. He started drinking more water and started grilling me on what kinds of foods I was buying. I was so frustrated at first because he was always checking the ingredients on the boxes and making disgusted faces when he came across something he didn't like. He and Kassi would go to Whole Foods together and never come back. I was sick of hearing about High Fructose Corn Syrup, Cotton Seed Oil, Hydrogenated Oils, and Modified foods. I didn't care that those things were in my food and I just wanted to eat what I want!

Slowly but surely, Hartman started getting thinner. I couldn't understand it because he wasn't any more active than he had been when we were in Utah. He was just eating tons of fruit and refusing to eat my processed foods! 6 months later he as dropped 13 pounds and somehow has turned back the clock because he even looks younger. Over the last few months I have conformed to his healthy ways and I must admit, things are getting better for me too! I have lost 6 pounds simply by cutting pop out of my diet and cutting out the processed foods. Not much working out has been involved in this process, but that is going to change. I have another 20 pounds to go If I want to look like Kassi and I really, really do want to look like her. So join me every Monday for a post about eating healthy and working out and together we can Kill The Fat!

A few starter tips.(These are things I have been doing for the last little bit that have helped and all of these things were recommended by Kassi):

1. NO MORE POP. No diet, zero's, nada. It's not good and it makes you bloated and retain water. YUCK!

2. Drink more water. ( I am trying so hard!) Why is it so hard? I don't know, but Kassi makes Icey drinks every day to help her get some of her water intake up. Smoothies are good, and working out definitely helps because you get so thirsty!

3. Eat Breakfast within 30 minutes of waking up.

4. Do a natural and safe colon cleanse or detox. Why? Because you probably have a hot dog inside of you that has been there since the day you ate it when you were 4 years old! Get it out!!!

5. Get 8 hours of sleep. Those of you who know me, know I don't do this one. I'm going to try and be better.

6. Burn 500 a calories a day more than you eat. What does this mean? Eat smaller portions and work out every day for at least 30 minutes.45-60 minutes is even better.

I'll have more tips for you starting next Monday and some of the really important ones will get their own post. I will also be posting YUMMY energizing smoothie recipes, healthy dinner's, and up to date details on my workout programs and diet!

Just remember, I don't have those sweet abs that you always see on TV when someone is trying to get you to buy a work out product or weight loss pill. I have hardly lost any weight at all in the last 2 years. I am doing this with you every day, every step of the way.

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Beth Hayes said...

Any recommendations on cleanses?

Chelsea said...

Here is a good one:


Michelle said...

Great tips Chelsea!
I have to say, I have not been working out AT ALL!! My New Years resolution was that I would work out M-F and take the weekends off. I have lost 2 pounds already just doing that--i'm working on changing my way of eating, it's so hard, but i'm really determined to lose the weight I put on when I was pregnant with the twins. They're 2 1/2 now, i've been carrying it around for too long LOL!!

Tara said...

Another basic rule we follow (Ok, and maybe it is a little easier to adhere to because we live in rural WY), but just tell yourself now "I will never eat at another greasy fast food joint again." No more McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy's, Taco Time, whatever. It doesn't matter how cheap and easy the food is. Don't do it!

Eileen Gianiodis said...

Okay, Chelsea ... I'm in. I've got 30 lbs to lose from three kids -- the youngest of whom is 5, so I guess he's lost his baby fat.
I'm a diet coke-aholic, so the first tip won't be easy; and I live in snowy Michigan, so working out can sometimes be challenging (if I want to do it outside) but I do have a family room with on-demand exercise shows.
I posted a kill the fat pic & link on my blog ... beanieg.blogspot.com.
Thanks for the inspiration!

Sandra Lee said...

I am motivated...but I don't know if I can give up the Zero!!! Maybe to one a day. I have already set a goal to drink more water and have been doing it. However, Zero is like a treat for me a reward of some kind so when I am needing something sweet I pop open one of those instead of candy or cookies. I don't know if I can change my ways but I am going to try! Great post Chels!! p.s. Kennedy said that we need to fly out there b/c she is invited to lily's bday party. he he. I didn't have the heart to tell her it had already passed. :)

Kaerlig Hurtado said...

Great post Chelsea. I'm wanting to get healthier and I worry about David and what my kids eat.

Not drinking soda is an easy one. Dave also gave up coke about a month ago and I'm proud of him (I've been on him like Hart is on you for a long time).

The one thing that I have to change is the snacks I have in the cupboard for this kids. I've decided I'm no longer buying cracker/cookies/chips (except corn chips for dinners that require it -like your tortilla soup). I'm replacing that stuff with fruit (dried and fresh), yogurt, boiled eggs, cottage cheese, veggies etc.

I'm not one to put a "never" label on anything because I think I can eat in moderation but it's hard for my kids to do that so I'm going to make it easier for them by not buying it.

I'll be checking in on you. Thanks for the motivation.

Sylvi said...

Chelsea! This is exactly what we all should do! It is to easy to just pick up some fast food, but we need to start thinking what it actually does to our bodies! Start with eating healthier;- and don't get to hooked up in the organic section! Meals prepared from scratch in your own kitchen is ALWAYS the best alternative!
I'll be behind you, all the way!

Brenda Hall said...


I love our patterns! My little girl loves her skirt. Thank you so much for your inspiration! You can see my creation on my craft blog! I posted your pattern! I have many friends that love your patterns! I found my pattern in Utah at Material Girl in South Jordan! :)

Trish said...

You can do it!!!! Just think... Eat whole foods. Have you ever wondered why we have such a high cancer rate? Could it be the vast amount of chemicals and garbage put on and in our food? And obesity in kids, cheap food is disgustingly bad for you. It's not cheap to eat healthy but in our house we forego other items so we can buy good fresh organic foods. Keep at it! Good luck!

MaryBeth said...

You go girl!! My Chiro has his BS in nutrition so he has really helped me to take it a step further. Good luck! It's so worth it!!

Cynthia said...

Wow Chelsea!! I am super motivated with this!! I just started going to the gym.. I have 3 kids and since my second 5 year old I have'nt done anything!!! LOL!!

I will be following this!!

Cheryl Karl said...

Chelsea -I've been meaning to check out your blog for ages! Just wanted to say hi and I'm very impressed! I wish we could have gotten together before you moved to CA but such is our busy lives! I read all your FB stuff and Hartman's -you all look great! XOXO!

AtHomeColonCleanse said...

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If I may suggest, an alternative in colon cleansing, hassle free and you don't even need equipment to help you flush out the toxins in your body. Why not do it the natural way, there are pills you can take which will help you flush out the toxins in your body the natural way.

Becky said...

My sister told me about your blog and I love your posts! Thanks for giving it to us straight. Food that tastes as good as it should really makes the difference! I'm excited for more health posts to come (and pics of those beautiful children!)

Tanya said...


Chelsea said...

WOW! Thanks for all of the positive words and great feedback! I am so excited about this and can't wait to hear about the progress we all make together over the next 5 months. Kassi just finished my workout/eating plan and I'm going to start doing everything she says today! I'll talk more about it on Monday:)

Julie said...

I am now joining in on the family tradition of being healthy and THIN... lets admit, okay I may clam to be happy with some junk in the trunk, but hey I'd rather be able to run like a horse as well as fit in my jeans better. :)
I guess it was hard always hearing it from Kassi who I've always been in the shadows of, and much easier to hear it from my loving sister-in-law Chelsea. hey but Kass I still need your help too!
thanks for the motivation. Love you

Daria said...

K you are so stinkin' awesome Chelsea. I'm inspired and I blogged about you too. :)

I'm thinking that I'll join in and Kill some Fat too!! XOXO

Amelia said...

Chelsea you are amazing. I'm trying hard to be better..... but this is super good for me to read and stick with others... it's like semi accountability.


Kerith said...

I'm in!!! Definitely need to kill the fat left from my two babies. I didn't lose the weight from the first before I had my second and now I've got all this gross fat on me. I needed a little inspiration to cleanse our household of all those trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, and other processed food devils. Thanks Chelsea, great post!

Kara said...

I love this... it's my year too. When you see me again this spring, that will be me. It has too. Thanks for you inspiration. Love you.

Brittney Zeedik said...

Hi there! love this post! Where exactly are you in California? Isn't the fruit the best? Whole foods and farmers market, such a treat... California helps with health in general... Just because there aren't as many months that necessitate comfort food. And, it's usually a nice day to go for a walk at least. Anyway love you miss you and sorry if our Christmas card didn't get to you. I think I sent it to the wrong address. But yours was really cute! I think you are amazing and absolutely beautiful! xoxo

Kathy's Weight Loss Diary said...

Way to go Chelsea. I myself also lost a lot of weight and takes a great deal of self discipline. Glad to hear that you are trying the colon cleansing style. Why don't you try the Acai Berry, it works. :)