January 19, 2009


After a straight week of working out everyday for 50 minutes, eating a healthy breakfast, drinking more water, snacking on fruits and veges, and cutting down on carbs, I have gained 1 pound! Haa haa. I have to laugh because isn't that just the way it is? I think it's some kind of evil force that is trying discourage me and get me stop because the universe wants me to stay the way I am! OR..some of my fat turned to muscle. I like the second one best:)

I will not QUIT and I am going to Kill that Stupid Fat no matter what it takes!Kassi sent me my awesome training plan this week and I am feeling super motivated. Based on my height, weight, and my end goal she gave me a great plan that is sure to help me get fit in no time at all. I now have a workout schedule for the week, a chart to help me mark my calorie intake, meal options, AND a few killer PUMPing Iron workouts that she suggested to help my muscles resurface from the dark abyss in which they are hiding. She is still working out the details of the training packages that she will be offering you over the web, so stayed tuned so you can get yours as soon as possible!

Above is a picture of my workout equipment. I also have a
My Gym, but it was too big to fit in the picture. I love,love, LOVE my work out DVD's. As the wife of a student I am not able to afford a gym membership so these guys are going to be my Gym for the next 2 years. Turbo Jam...what I can say about you? You Jam! You motivate me, you make me butt burn, my abs tighter, and you make me sweat! What would I do without you? Tony Horton...You are the man! How do you make someone sweat like they have done a 35 minute workout in 10 minutes? By the time my 10 minutes is up, I want to die. Hip Hop Abs and Rockin Body are my favorite! They get me to bust a move and burn calories all in one. I can always count on Sean T to make me laugh. He is so fun to exercise with. I also use the ab slide to make my abs really sore, a slimmer belt to target my abs and back (does it work? I have no idea, but I sweat like crazy when I wear it during a workout.), and the weights, resistance bands, and the My Gym for toning. Still on my list to purchase: weighted workout gloves, Yoga Bootie Ballet, and Core Rhythms. Can you tell that I watch way too much late night T.V.? Those freaking workout infomercials always get me. (you should see how many face creams I have! I am such a sucker!!!)

Starting next week, I will give you my stats and updates on how much weight I have lost and my inches lost. It's scary I know, but I feel like I will work harder if I have to post the results. I hope by doing this I can get you motivated to workout daily with me! Besides, those endorphins are kind of fun to have around:)

Now for the hard part:


What are you drinking? If you want baby soft skin like hers, I would suggest you drink more water. What I wouldn't give to turn back the clock. I know I can't do that, but I can slow it down.

The facts:
Water makes up 70 to 80% of body! Can you believe that? For almost 3 years I was mostly drinking Coke for my water supply. Is that sick or what? I don't even want to know what that has done to the inside of my body. I can see what it has done to the outside of my body and it's not pretty.

There are a ton of good articles out there about water and our bodies. I liked THIS one because it's short sweet, and sums it all up. We need water!

So what is so bad about pop? Click HERE for a bunch of articles on the dangers of soda pop. Are you addicted to coke, diet coke, coke zero, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper or some other kind? I was and it was hard to stop. But I felt that I needed to do it not only for my own health, but my kids. I don't want them to put that stuff in their little healthy bodies. I don't want to be responsible for what it could do to them over time. I found those articles very motivating to help me keep pop out of our diets. I still crave a coke every now and then, and It's possible on a stressful day or a late night that I might give in. I really hope that I don't because I want to kick this thing for good! This article below is only one of the reasons why:

We clearly have a long way to go to share even the most
fundamental, basic nutrition concepts to the typical highly deceived
and manipulated consumer. This new danger from sodium benzoate is
simply one among many, as sodas are among the worst possible "foods"
you can consume.

Professor Peter Piper, the UK expert who discovered the problem, says that the soft drink preservative can "totally inactivate" and "knock out" cells' mitochondria. The end result is an increased risk of a slew of diseases.

Sodium benzoate has previously also come under fire because, when combined with the vitamin C in many soft drinks, it forms benzene, a cancer-causing chemical linked to leukemia. In one study, at least five brands of soft drinks were found to contain excessive benzene levels.

Sodium benzoate is used freely in the United States
and the UK. Fortunately, you can protect your health from this dangerous substance by not drinking soda (and ot allowing your kids to either).

This is one of the easiest -- and most significant --
things you can do for your health; and aside from the good news that
you won't have to worry about damaging your DNA, giving up soda (if you
drink it) can reduce your risk of
diabetes, obesity, and cancer. If you struggle with an addiction to soda, I strongly recommend you consider Turbo Tapping as a simple yet highly effective tool to help you stop this health-sucking habit.

So put down the can of soda, and pick up a glass of clean water instead.


You can do it! I'm doing it and I feel so much better than I did a few months ago!!! As for Energy Drinks...Read this, this, and this.


I kicked my soda drinking addiction by getting hooked on something
else. JAMBA JUICE! I found an off menu flavor that is soooo good. It's
way better than Coke! If I'm feeling a little down and kind of lazy, I
ask for the energy boost. Next time you go in ask for White Gummy....it
is Yummy!

Check in next Monday for a special post about FOOD. I will also be adding a delicious smoothie recipe later this week.


alissa said...

Hi, totally don't know me at all, I came across your blog through this great maze and LOVE your stuff! I read your post this morning and I am too trying to kill the fat! You have to try The Tracy Anderson Method DVD! Totally has changed my life!!! There are 3 different ones, I bought the post -pregnancy one even though it has been AWHILE since I had my baby, but she really concentrates on getting your ab muscles pulled back together...she is amazing! I only have been doing it a week and can already SEE a difference! Awesome ab and butt workout, like I have never seen! Anyways, just wanted to send this your way! Again, love your patterns!!!

Judit said...

I too was addicted to Diet Coke, but the caffeine is really needed to get the day going... I now use Diet Kola Capsules dietkola_com http://www.dietkola.com for more info. No aspartame, no caramel, no phosphoric acid, so my brain, teeth and bones are a lot better!

Sylvi said...

Chelsea! You're doing great! I have actually done a little something for my well being last week! Had a colon cleansing/detox. My belly went flatter and I really feel better (-and a few lbs lighter)!
The workout plan is next, starting this Wednesday with yoga. I have the Sean T's "Rockin' Body", but never even took the time to watch it :o(
Awaiting Kassi's plan with anticipation!
You go girl!
From WA,

Chelsea said...

Thanks Girls! Especially for all of your great tips. I'm going to look into The Tracey Anderson method and the dietkola capsules.

Keep sending me your thoughts!I think we'll all do so much better if we keep motivating each other:)


Kass said...

Oh boy. Just what I need, another person telling me to get off soda. What's up with that? Only kidding. I am a soda addict but I also drink a butt load of water. I do need to kick my habit. I'll just have to find the right time to do it. I love all your videos. How fun. I am now teaching 6 classes a week. I have all of them Zumba-which happens to be the funnest workout I have ever done and one class is 1/2 hip hop too. It's so fun. I love teaching. It's my outlet and it's so fun. I wish you were here to "work it" with me and we could shake our booties together. You family is the most beautiful family that I have ever seen. I'm serious. You are all gorgeous. It's amazing. Love you.

Amber H. said...

Hey Chelsea! I love coming here for info. I have been s.l.o.w.l.y trying to kick the Coke habit and it is working! :) I also just bought the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD at Walmart for $9. I have two Biggest Loser DVD's and the Winsor Pilates DVD's that I need to shake the dust off of again. I am motivated!

Stephanie said...

Hey Chelsea, I've been watching your blog for a while now...especially now with all of the motivation for shedding some pounds! I wanted to tell you about a girl I found a few years ago that will totally kick your butt! I started working out with her after my second baby and I was in the best shape of my entire life (even as an athlete in high school! SERIOUSLY!). I had dropped 60 pounds and was so toned I couldn't believe it (and then I go and get pregnant again....back at square one!). Anyway, she has a website and a TON of dvd's and workout gear. She's actually about to release a new set made up of mesocycles....yea, you gotta be pretty hard core to follow those! Anyway, her name is Cathe Friedrich and she's also on FitTv if you get it. Her site is http://www.cathe.com/
She rocks! Well, just wanted to give you a little more options ;) I'm right there with you so let us know how you're doing :)
All the best,

Amelia said...

Ooh I will have to try that Jamba Flavor, I LOVE that place, haven't been in simple ages, but I love it.

I am curious about Yoga booty ballet, sounds fun! I have NO videos and all I do it run and do pilates from memory. I feel so lonely, I wish I had a workout partner. :o( Any tips for boredom?