December 08, 2008


This is what I have to deal with ALL DECEMBER LONG!

It happened kind of late this year.This has been up for a few days and usually I get L E O N the very next day. It rarely says N O E L. I"ll change it back, but within a few hours it says LENO, LEON, ELNO, NELO, ONEL...whatever they can think up. IT'S SO ANNOYING!

So how is the Holiday season treating you so far? I hope it's good. I finalized the decorations and I put the lights on the house today! My Christmas shopping is almost done, and it's time start baking. I love Christmas goodies and since we are new to the area, I have this fear that we won't get any holiday treats this year. I like to eat other peoples treats much better than my own so if you are a neighbor and your reading my blog, please give me some goodies:) I promise to bring some to you too!

This is our first Christmas away from home and I'm kind of scared. I hope it will turn out to be as good as the one's in the past. We always try to focus more on giving than receiving and the birth of Jesus Christ rather than all the toys and gifts. With the economy and the fact that we are in school right now, we are really going to have re-think Christmas. We have few surprises up our sleeves that I think will make this Christmas extra special for our kids. Santa is still coming, but we're hoping for a few elves and reindeer to come along too. (You know who you are!!!) Shhhh don't tell the kids.

Our house kind of looks like candy land right now. I love all the retro colors they have out! If you haven't noticed already, my favorite color combos are pink, blue, green, and brown. Ohhhh and I love cinnamon scented pine cones. Don't you?

Isn't this snow man the cutest? My Mom gave it to me. I love you Momma and I miss you!

To help you enjoy the season I put together a COOL HOLIDAY PLAYLIST for you to chill out and relax to. Stop by often this month for some good tunes and on the 12th I'll be giving out some gifts, lot's of yummy recipes that I want to share with you. It's my gift to all of my blogging buddies.

XO ~ Chelsea


Jan Richards said...

Happy holidays to you too. I would love to win a fun sock doll. Good luck on the baking....surely the neighbors will take a hint and reciprocate.

Karen H said...

I laughed when I saw your Christmas tree topper. Gotta love Target. I have the same stuff sitting upon my tree too! The kids are loving it as well.

Kaerlig Hurtado said...

Leon,nole, elno, leno I think it's funny especially since I saw Hartman switching it around last year and love that he's doing it again.

You had to have known who you were marrying when you married him. He's a kidder/prankster/jokster.

Heather Roe said...

Bright, bold and beautiful...I love it! Who said Christmas has to be red and green, right?

** Got my Natty jacket and vest pattern today...awesome,thanks!**

Juliane, Hamburg, Germany said...

15 Years from now, you're going to miss it...
Or maybe it was some christmas elf and not the children...?

;) Juliane

Wendi MacMahon said...

I LOVE your SNOWMAN! I'm so jealous. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas. I just finished icing our last CANDYCANE cookies from your deliciously scrumptious -Valentine's sugar cookie recipe...looking forward to more tasty treats! Warmest Wishes, The MacMahon Family

Elizabeth said...

I just received my patterns from you and I love them! Thanks! I will put the new pattern on my wish list. Good luck with your baking.