November 22, 2008

I did a crazy thing and went to Utah for 1 day to go to lunch at Bajio (my favorite place) and to see the Twilight Premiere with friends. Sadly, I just went to upload all my pictures and they are gone. I"m not sure what happened, but somehow they were all deleted:( So, I guess you'll just have to live with seeing some of my favorite scenes from the movie. I think this one might be the best shots in the film:

I loved this part in the book! When she first looked over at their table at lunch and saw them all sitting there, you just knew. This image alone could make a person wish they were a vampire!

I guess you want to know what in the world possessed me to fly to Utah for 1 day. Well, I can't say for sure. It could be some sort of chemical imbalance or maybe I'm just nuts. Either way, when Sandra told me she had 23 tickets to a theater that had been rented out by a friend of hers and that all of my friends were going, I just had to go. One of my dear friends from my old home town has an ailment and I had been planning since my birthday last month to fly out and see her. The timing was right so I did it. I spent the day with all my home girls eating lunch, shopping, and then YES, going to Twilight. For those of you who don't live in Utah, we have the MOST awesome movie theaters there that are owned my Larry Miller of the Utah Jazz. They are huge and they go all out for movies like Twilight. We went to my favorite one called the Jordan Commons. There were booths everywhere with twilight items for sale. T-shirts and jewelry were what I saw the most of.

My friend Angie had her booth set up and was selling jeweled book marks! They go like this:

You can also unhook them and attach them to a long chain to wear as a necklace! This was one thing I knew I was going to buy. I have been waiting for almost 3 weeks to get one and it was well worth it, plus they are only $25! I wore mine during the movie and again yesterday. I love it. Want one? Get it HERE. I think she plans to have different ones for each movie. Thanks Angie!!!

Next favorite scene from the movie:

I mean, how lucky is she?

This movie theater was really intense. While we were standing in line waiting to get in this lady yells out, "Can I have your attention please. If you have a cell phone you need to turn it off. If we hear it or so much as see a light coming from your phone we will eject your phone and your butt out of the theater." What??? WOW, they are serious. Next I see my friend Heidi walking out to her car with her camera. She proceeds to tell me that they are making you either take it out to your car or leave it on the table. Well, I didn't have a car there and I really wasn't willing to put my nice camera in the car or leave it on the table. What am I going to do? Fortunately my friend Stephanie had talked me into buying this really cute purse just before the show:

This picture doesn't do it justice. It is SO cute in real life. The guy that was patting people down and scanning you with a high tech light thingy to see if you were sneaking in any sort of recording device or camera's, was so distracted by it and the idea that he needed to get one for his girlfriend that he didn't see the CANON strap sticking right out at him when he searched my bag! So I got some great pictures, but it just wasn't meant to be, Oh well!

The meadow, the sun, his diamond skin....need I say more?

As we entered the theater there were people there handing out VIP tags. Some had numbers or sayings on the back. If you had one of those you got Twilight prizes! They were really good. I didn't win one, but I had some friends who did. I admit I got a coke to drink during the movie. I had a few swigs and realized quickly it was a bad idea, because about 5 minutes before it started I need to go to the bathroom. The lights dim, the crowd calms down, and the movie starts right off with the line, " I'd never given much thought to how I would die." You know the rest:)

The theater was relatively quiet as the movie played with the exception of whenever Edward came on screen people would scream and when Jacob would come on the screen some people would scream and others would boo. That brings me back to the coke I was drinking. For some STUPID reason I kept sipping on it. All of sudden I had to go again and I didn't want to! So I waited until there was a long Jacob scene and bolted to the bathroom as fast as I could. I am on Team Edward so bailing on a Jacob scene was no biggie for me and luckily, I didn't miss much. During the movie I was sitting next to my friend Kara and she was so funny! She kept saying Chels, I can't stand it, I can't stand it! I knew her pain. Rob did an awesome Job looking, acting, and sounding, just like I imagined Edward in the book. It was pretty amazing.

The other vamp that totally took my breath away was Carlisle. He was incredibly pale, and perfect. There is NOTHING like a vampire in a lab coat.

Here are few more of my favorite shots:

How did this picture of me and Hartman get in here???

Oh and Yes, I did make Hart go and see it on his birthday. Only because I had bought the tickets a month ago before I knew I was going to Utah. He was in his own personal Hell until the movie got started. 500 screaming teenage girls is pretty much his worst nightmare. I offered to go and sell the tickets so we could go see Quantum of Solace, but he said it was okay and that we could watch Twilight. I think to his surprise he thought it was good. I even heard him laugh a few times:) He's such a nice husband and even let me wear my Edward t-shirt to the movie! Only because he knows he is my Edward. Cheesy, but True.

No more vampire talk until new moon comes out, I promise! But are you enjoying the Twilight Movie Music on my playlist? I know, I know, I'm obsessed and I'm off to read the book again!

To my dear, sweet family back in Utah who mean more to me than anything in this world. Please forgive me for coming to Utah and not calling you. I only had 15 hours and it went by in the blink of an eye. Next time I come I'm bringing the posse and we are all yours....mostly. Love ya! Chelsea

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