May 06, 2014

Paper patterns are just $1-$2 today and tomorrow

If you ever wanted to try one of my paper patterns or there are a few you don’t have, now is the time to get them! I’m down to my last little bit.
I’m moving on to a new sewing adventure and won’t be reprinting or releasing any new paper patterns so once these are gone, they are gone. A few of my favorites will be converted into PDF’s, but that will be the only way you can get them within the next month or so. I know it’s sad, but you’re going to love what’s coming next :) I promise!

1 comment:

Sheree said...

I purchased a paper pattern of the Bella pants no.2. Were there printed instructions included in the pattern--specifically how to construct the cute pocket? If there were instructions I have misplaced them. Anyway to get another copy?