March 28, 2011

A new pattern, another new pattern, and Shabby Apple

Quilt Market is a month away! Holy smokes. I am starting to freak out a little, but I have managed to finish my first Pink Fig Pattern...Roxy and Lola Rag Dolls:

I mean seriously, are those not the cutest things EVER! I can say that about my own pattern only because I really do think they are so cute.

It goes like this:

First doll...looks scary, like an alien with Medusa hair. My girls don't like to play with her and she freaks me out.
Time invested: 6 hours

Second doll...looks really cute, with big pink hair, but the back of her head looks like a bum bum. Not good.
Time invested: 20 hours!
So, I was working out all the kinks on this one. Adjusting arm lengths and legs, figuring out how to attach the head to the body, and making her hair and clothes. I get her all done and have her sitting up on the mantle above the fireplace to keep her nice and clean and then my husband tells me she looks like she has a butt-head. She had a little part in the middle of her hair/head and from the back it kind of looked like a bum. His comment made me mad, but in the end he was right and I had to start again.

Third doll....Roxy (with the pink hair). She is perfect and so cute, but I sewed her late at night and I kept making mistakes, like putting the legs where the arms go and sewing things inside out. I finally got her right, but she took about another 10 hours.
Now, I am counting the whole design process. Even the parts where I fell asleep unpicking things on the couch and all the times I fell over onto the floor in a stupor because I messed up for the ten billionth time again. The whole thing took about 40 hours to complete and that is just crazy! But it paid off.

Fourth doll...Lola( blue hair) She was a piece of cake! Whew.

Roxy and Lola will be released at Spring Quilt Market this May in Salt Lake City for Quilt Shops only.

I also just had a new pattern released in the McCalls Pattern Book:

It turned out so cute. I used Summer Soiree from Paula Prass and Pop Garden from Heather Bailey.

Go buy it!

Now for the winner of the Shabby Apple Giveaway Below...
Pocketful of Peanuts! Congrats! Send me an email to so I can give you the info.

And last but not least the Sew Along for the Chloe and Mieko t-shirts for Japan started today on the Living With Punks blog. It's awesome! If you aren't sure how to make the shirt, but you really want to learn how, this is the place to go. The children of Japan need our love so get on over there and make a shirt.

Pretty, Pretty Please :)


nic said...

love the dollies AND your clothing patterns. you have the midas touch, my dear!

Kymmie said...

Chelsea - you've outdone yourself! xoxo Beautiful!!

Lila Tueller said...

This blog post made me laugh out loud. Truly. So funny! Only because I can totally relate.
They are adorable adorable adorable! And I love your new pattern for McCalls!! People are going to go bananas...and then get really mad when they can't find any of those fabrics at Hancocks or Jo-ann's. Ha!

sweeter than cupcakes said...

Just finished sewing this one up! Thanks for the great pattern.

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