November 12, 2010

FALL QM 2010 Part 2

Let's start out with this awesomeness!

I didn't get a picture of her booth, but check out MISS PATTY YOUNG and her dashing Greese Monkey Hubby! They were all decked out on Halloween! Definitely a highlight of the show for me! Check out her booth HERE on her blog

For the rest of the booths I'm just going to show one or 2 pics. They were all so amazing!

Amy Butler won 1stPrize for best booth...BEAUTIFUL! It was so colorful and I felt like I was in Bali or India!

Tina Givens won 2nd prize...AMAZING! Everything Tina does is so incredibly creative. Walking into her booth is like walking into a wonderland.

I did get a picture of Anna Maria Horners afterall. She changed the style of her booth this time and it was so cool! I love everything she does.

Oh my goodness! Tula Pink just blew me away! I cried the first time I saw here line. It took my breath away and check out that QUILT!

Love this line called Wild World by Jenean Morrison. She won most creative booth. Can you guess why? Check out that bike!

Ty Pennington...So cool

And wrapping it with my incredible Aunts...Lila and her new line Isabella for Riley Blake. I am in love with her line. It's so bright and that funky flower is to die for! I hope to have some of her fabric in my boutique soon.

and Lucy and her new line Pacific Trade Winds for Studio E. It's an adorable BOY and GIRL line! Isn't that such a great idea!

Oh ya...and what is this?

I have no idea, but it has a sister with a blue head and they were both looking at me the whole entire time. Kind of cool and kind of freaky.

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Jenean said...

Hi Chelsea-

Thanks for mentioning me in your market recap! It was really nice meeting you. I am such a fan of your patterns and I love your new fabric line, too! Hope to see you in SLC!