October 24, 2010

My Roots

I decided to go back to my roots and make a bolster pillow for my booth! I can't even count how many of these things I have made. If you didn't know already, I use to make bedding, chair cushions, curtains, slip covers, and whatever else people could dream up for their homes. Since I started doing clothing about 8 years ago, I haven't done much in the ways of interior decorating. But I must say, I loved making this pillow! I have a few more pillows and cushions to make for my booth today, but I did get my quilt done and I'm picking it up tomorrow. I can't wait to show you because much to my surprise it turned out really cute! It's not very intricate, just strips of fabric really, but it's my style and a good compliment to my clothing designs.

I think I might take my holiday break after Market is over and sew some stuff for the house. I've definitely got the bug!


Bobette said...

I love it! It would be perfect for my girls room. I must get my hands on your fabric.

Strictly Sewing said...

It's probably too late to suggest on what to add to your market booth. I was also going to suggest fabric flowers on clips to go on your hair, stick in a hat, or on the top of a skirt. Add it to a necklace. Their is tutorial I like on the Polka Dot Chair to make the flower. It looks so cute attached to a necklace. The are selling necklaces like this at Downeast right now.

A nice woman's purse embellished with fabric flowers would be cute too.

Also, I think Miss Modd should be made into aprons, placemats, cushions for the chairs, accessories for the kitchen. I like to look cute when I cook. That is, if I cook.

It is so fun to learn something new about you.