August 28, 2010

Finally...The Festival!

OH my goodness! Blogging is exhausting when you do it consistently!

Here it is the Grand Finale of my trip...The Festival of Quilts in Birmingham England:

Amy Butler - Front and center. I love her so much! I didn't have to touch this picture up at all. She and her husband David are amazing and so nice!
I loved seeing them at the Festival.

They LOVE ROWAN Fabrics over there!!!

Moda is also a favorite and was in almost EVERY booth I walked past...Hey! I know this designer...LILA!

Here are some of my favorite quilts. I'll start with my #1 favorite made from vintage Barbie Doll Dresses:

I loved this one too. I think it's because of the hearts:

This one is a little more traditional and it was soooo Pretty! I was blessed enough to be stationed right across from it and it blew my socks off! It took 1 year to complete:

I don't know if you can see the detail in this one, but it was really cute and original. It had old keys, scissors, and other cool objects sewn into it.

These are Antique Quilts. There was one in there from the 1800's priced at 4000 pounds! That's like $6000!

Here I am:

and me and my mom:

Thanks Mom! I couldn't have done it without you. If there is one thing I learned about my mom, it's that she can pass out brochures like nobody's business!
I love you!

That's it! Check in tomorrow night to see who won the contest!!!


clairesmom05 said...

Your booth looked so cute!! I think quilts are so pretty, but I do not have the patience for them!

Anonymous said...

I love the quilt that had the keys and stuff sewn on it. That was very creative. Your booth looked great!

Kimberly said...

I love quilts!! Someday I might actually get around to making one. :)

Kerrie - Silly Frilly Kids said...

Oh my goodness, I am seriously blown away by some of those quilts - the amount of work that went into them is boggling! Wow!
Your booth was adorable!! I love that it was all about the children's clothing, because it's always so cute how surprised the ladies at the little "quilt shops" are when I'm purchasing fab fab and they ask me about "my quilt" and I tell them I make children's boutique clothes. :)

Anonymous said...

What awesome quilts! Wish I had that kind of talent..I think its wonderful that your mom was able to go and share these bonding moments with you.. Great job on your booth it's adorable!


Joy said...

WOW!!! Your booth looked awsome!!!

Philopolis Designs said...

Looked like TONS of fun!! I LOVE that Barbie doll quilt...very unique!! Your booth was very color and fun and your mom is too cute!!

Jordan and Heather Humbert said...

How nice of your mom to come help :) Your booth looked amazing!

Cindy Farmer said...

That was an awesome finale. I am so glad that you could share your experience with your mother. She must be a great mom! What wonderful memories you will have from your trip!

Strictly Sewing said...

So let me explain!!! When you switched over to your new blog address it stopped following the new blog address. Trying to figure out how to get this fixed! This post is a fave. I love the eye candy of fabrics.