April 26, 2010

Pre-Order Tea Party Skirt and Top

I made this just after seeing Alice in Wonderland! I loved all the crazy colors in that movie and wanted to try it out on this skirt. I really, really love the way it turned out! The fact that my model is pretty much the cutest thing ever helps too! Thanks to my good friend AMIE for the awesome pictures for this pattern and she did all my photo editing for all of my pattern covers this time around. Don't they look amazing? I am blown away by her talent.

Now, more about the pattern....
This pattern features an apron skirt with a top skirt, underskirt, and a cute little embellished apron. The instructions to make the flowers for the apron and top are included! It's for sizes 12 months to 10 years.

Available NOW for pre-order.
For wholesale orders contact me at pinkfigpatterns@yahoo.com
for retail Orders visit my ETSY store.

Well, that's it! The last of my spring 2010 patterns. I talked about releasing my Holiday Embellished book a few months ago, but that didn't quite happen. However, I will be a teaching a school house for Brewer at Quilt Market on it and I plan to have it ready this summer so you have plenty of time to get your outfits done in time for the Holiday's, starting with Halloween!


CurlyGirlD said...


This pattern is just adorable! I'll be visiting your etsy store for sure!


Lila Tueller said...

Where did the pictures get taken? You have such pretty flowers there already! No fair!

Kimberly Clemons said...

I love this skirt! Very cute fabric choices! I can't wait to make some myself :-)

Jennifer said...

I love this outfit! We actually just did my daughters 1st birthday party in March in Alice in Wonderland! I def. am looking forward to getting this pattern. May I ask what is the name of the fabrics you used for it?

kanishk said...

It is super cute and will look great on you.
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