March 16, 2010

That's a nice peaceful picture isn't it? It in no way represents my life right now. Why because it's that time again where I start to go a little crazy! Pattern deadlines are coming and I am sooo behind. On top of that I decided to take a little photog class to help me learn how to use my nice camera that I have had for over 2 years. You would think I would know how to work it by now, but no! I have just been shooting on auto all this time. Most of my pattern covers have turned out, but I don't want them to just be okay. I want them to blow you away with awesomeness!

So I signed up for Nicole's online Classes and I am loving it! She is a photography genius and the author of the blog A Little Sussy. I am learning some really cool stuff. Here are some pictures from my first week.

This picture above and this one are from a lesson on aperture:

This one is from a lesson on shutter speed:

Pretty cool!

If you want to polish your skills I highly recommend taking her class. It's very informative, easy to follow, and you get to do it on your time. I am loving it! If you end up signing up, tell her I sent you. Just for fun. Hopefully you will be able to see a difference in my new pattern covers. I should have some sneak peeks for you in the next couple of weeks.

On a side note, I'm feeling like I need to chill out a little so I'll be adding some SUPER mellow songs to my playlist in the near future (with no words) from all of my favorite chick flicks. Just to mix things up a bit.

Hartman said my playlist is girly.


Cindy said...

Great pics. I need a few lessons too. Acquired a Nikon D80 recently and haven't begun to tap into it's potential. I'll have to look into the lessons.
Can't wait to see what you have brewing! Your patterns are my best sellers, in my limited experience of course. ;)

Aubrie Knight said...

Oh Its so cool you are taking a photography class. I super love what you have done!

AnnieB said...

you never cease to impress me...always magnifying your talents! I love you! I miss you during these busy times though, I have to say!

Sandra said...

Those pics Rock!! I need to sign myself up for that class...ugh.

oneblessedmamma said...

I found you through Blue Cricket's blog, and I love your patterns. I too have a nice camera-I just went professional with my photography a few months ago-and shot on auto for a LONG time before I ventured into learning what all those optinos were all about :-). Good for you for taking a class and learning more.

Kami @ Sweet Charli... said...

Just dropping by to say hello from Blue Cricket Design. I am now a follower of your cute blog!!

Tasha said...

Just found you from over a Becca's blog. I am now a follower and am LOVING your blog!! Love your patterns. AMAZING.

Colleen said...

What great pictures! I just found you via Blue Cricket Design, and I'm so glad I did!

Alely L. said...

glad I found you. you're pictures are wonderful and so glad you shared about nicole's online classes. i have been looking for an online class to take. I might be signing up for the next class in April. Love your blog and I am now following. Visit me when you can!