December 21, 2009


Guys, If you haven't gotten something for the fabulous women in your life by now, I'd say your in deep, but never fear! I have a list of last minute gifts that are sure to be a hit. These are things I personally LOVE and would be thrilled to get. So whether you're on a tight budget or you have a little extra cash to spare, this list will get you through. Buy 1, 2, or everything on the list according your budget.

Number 1:

My all time favorite gift, anytime of the year, are LOVE PINK sweats from Victoria's secret. Now I'm not suggesting that any men go in there to get some sweats and I don't want to get anyone in trouble. So if it makes you uncomfortable or whatever, send your mother in law, sister in law, or wife's best friend, but you absolutely have to get her a pair. They are the cutest, most comfortable sweats in the world and they make them really long so you can cut them to your perfect length. I have something like 13 pairs that I have collected over the last couple of years and the number is going up in about 4 days. I think they are on sale for $25 right now, so hurry up!

Number 2:

A yellow purse like this one can be found at Target, TJ Maxx or the Mall. That color is the best and it's something I would definitely want, but probably wouldn't buy for myself unless I had some extra money burning a whole in my basic black purse. $40-$50

Number 3:

This wallet once took a ride in my Target shopping cart for an hour or 2 before it went back on the shelf. I really wanted it, but the kids needed socks and underwear and all that stuff, so I had to put it back. $15

Number 4:

Anything from this section of Bath and Body will due, but my favorite is the sleep lotion with milk and honey. It's so yummy! $12-$15

Number 5:

An apron from Anthropologie is surprisingly affordable and best of all, it looks handmade! $30-$40

Number 6:

This butter dish from Anthropologie is not only something I have needed for years, but really, really want! under $20

Number 7:

Amy Butler Towels From Bed Bath and Beyond would totally make my Christmas. Even if I didn't need new towels, I would want these wrapped up in a pretty bow under the tree. HINT- HINT. Hartman if you for some crazy reason are reading my blog those hints were for you. Oh and the butter dish from Anthropolgie which is just up the street in BH where my good friend Amy works too! Towels: $12.99 each. (I like the orange ones)

If you can't get any of those things and you are all out of ideas, your best bet for staying out of the hot seat is a $100 gift card to Nordstroms (because your wife probably wouldn't shop there other wise and this way she'll have to buy something nice for herself), a gift card for a day at the Spa, or a Southwest Airlines gift card, so she can go on a girlfriends trip this spring! Well...those at least are the things that would keep my husband out of the hot seat.

Good Luck and Merry Christmas!!!


AnnieB said...

great list! I would love any or all of those items! I'm calling John right now.

Angie Field said...

I love this list Chelsea especially the Love Pink sweats.
Have a great Christmas from a stranger in Australia that loves your work.
Ang xx

zees5 said...

Anthropologie - swoon!

Britt said...

Who knew that Amy Butler had towels. Of course, the fabric lady! Darling.