November 04, 2009

Another Embellished Book!

I was going to do it, then I wasn't, was, wasn't, now I am. What is it? An Embellished Book for the Holidays!

Westminsterfibers has this cool paper/fabric die cut machine called Big Shot by Sizzix and they asked me to come up with some stuff to use with it. So I'm going to do a book for the Holiday's, similar to my first book "Embellished" only better. It will be filled with outfits for my favorite holidays and seasons with templates and patterns for t-shirts, jeans, and skirts! We're still working out the details for the big shot, but I believe you will be able to purchase die cuts that go with the book separately. This machine is great for quilt shops to make kits with or the average home based quilter and sewer. Rather that having to meticulously cut out each embellishment, you can just swipe it through the big shot and be done in a second! It really is the coolest thing. I've got a lot of ideas brewing and I'll definitely be posting more on it in the future, so stay tuned.

My previous post was a little peek at my first 2 sets done for Halloween. Here are a few more pics:

It will include outfits for Fall, Christmas, Valentines,and Birthdays!
Like I said, all my favorites :) This book will also show fun and funky hair do's using Heather Bailey's trash ties, and the cutest shoes ever by Puddle Jumper Shoes!

Debut's at Spring Market in May.


melifaif said...

Your girls are so precious. And funny too! Love the black lace detail on the white shirt.

Alli Cat Creations said...

How cute is this going to be.....I want a book now....I don't know that I can wait. Im dieing for this book. Awesome creations once again.

Anonymous said...

Don't you have a set of adorable girls at home?
I fear they get very beautiful and make your husband hate EVERY suitor :-D

I hope your book will be available in Europe, too!!


P.S.: Aren't your boys envious of all the girly things? I have aboy, too and I bet he would love more sewn for him.