April 05, 2009

You are not going to believe this, but the votes were even for #1 and #2! #1 = 40, #2 = 40, #3 = 14. I have to admit this choice was agonizing for me. I made them both into covers and they were both soooo CUTE! My mom came to town this week and she made the deciding choice. Here it is:

There are 2 winners to my drawing:) The first winner is one of my very best friends Kara! I totally owe her something for her darling little girl so I'm so glad she won! Since we are practically related I figured it was only fair to draw one more name. Linda Gerig! Congrats girls! Send me an email and we'll chat about your jeans.


Des said...

Hi Chelsea,
Oh, how I wish I had won!!! I believe it was probably Linda Gerig. She follows our blog, Taffy Talk. I've got my sister researching her email. Will try to get it to you, here, I guess.

I love those jeans!!!

Naija said...


lovely clothes

Kara said...

Yay!!!! I can't believe it. I actually won. I'm soooo excited. Looking forward to it!! Love and miss you bunches. Love this outfit on Lil. So rockin!

lindagerig said...

I think I may have won your prize. It did say I follower Quilt Taffy but I am not them. can't find your email address so cannot email you directly to find out about it. Linda Gerig in Michigan

lindagerig said...

oh my real email I use most is

linda gerig

Chelsea said...

Sorry about that Linda! I guess I got confused:)

My email is vintagechicboutique@comcast.net


LilyHaven said...

Congratulations to the winners!!!

I'm excited because you choose the picture I voted for. I think it's just perfect! :)

Chelsea said...

Thanks Everyone! I'll probably have another contest after Market:)