March 23, 2009

I'm still Killing the Fat, but as quilt market approaches I have less time to blog about it. I'll try to post something this week about how I'm doing and some stats and a No Killing The Fat lemon cake recipe! Come Monday I'll have something good for you. Meanwhile check out my comments because people are leaving lots of good tips. I just got a really good one from my friend Geeta that I am going to put to the test:) Thanks Geeta!

Tip from Kassi:

Pump Iron: Try for 2 times a week for 20 to 30 minutes. Not only does strengthening your muscles help shape your body, but you build confidence. Strengthening muscles changes neural patterns in the brain, it makes you feel more alert and alive! Here's my stats! I should note that I am loosing around my stomach, but it's the upper section of my stomach. The lower isn't changing much, but I believe in sectional progression:)

Week 8:
  • Chest: 33
  • stomach: 29.5
  • hips: 36
  • thighs: right: 20.5 left: 21
  • arms: right 10.5 left 10
Week 9:
  • Chest: 33
  • stomach: 29
  • hips: 36
  • thighs right: 20 left: 20.5
  • arms: right 10.5 left: 10

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NICO Designs said...

Great job! I started boot camp a few ago and am enjoying the fact that my legs and arms are becoming more toned. I still I have a while to tone up that post-pregnancy hump, though. And kudos to you for listing your stats for all to see!!