February 28, 2009


Are you a fan of LOST? I think it continues to be the best show on TV. Never a boring moment and I feel so connected to the characters and their lives on the show. There is someone on the island for everyone to connect to. They all have their different life stories, different struggles and triumphs, and when they come together on the Island they are forced to put their own needs and wants aside. They have to unite in order to survive! I find myself crying in nearly every episode! The writing and acting is so good that you actually feel pain when they feel it and you feel joy when they find a moment of happiness. I just love it! Jack and Kate are my favorite's of course. Their story always keeps me wanting more. Kate frustrates me sometimes, but I love her and Jack together. When Jack is on the Island he reminds me of my husband. When he's off the island not so much, but I still love his story. He struggles just like everyone else, but when he overcomes his faults he shines! My playlist song for Jack and Kate is song #1 Back in God's Hands.

The most devastating but rewarding moment for me was when Charlie died. I was upset for months, but he did die a hero! In his life before the crash he had lost his way, got into drugs and drinking, and was so selfish. His experience's on the Island changed him back into the person he truly was. He ended up giving up his life to save those he loved and redeemed himself in the end. He was able to die without shame and was at peace with himself. It's a classic hero story and actually gives hope to those who really do feel lost in life. My playlist song for Charlie is song #2 Lifeline.

I think the character who is the most fascinating is John Locke. He was paralyzed before he came to Island, both physically and emotionally. He had been taken advantage of in life by both his mother and father. He was orphaned as a child and virtually left to fend for himself. He faced so many trials and struggled with self value. Once on the island his legs worked again and he was able to walk. With that came his inner strength. He started to search for his purpose and began to feel like he had a place in the world. He does some of the craziest stuff and I don't understand him at all, but deep down I think he is truly good and has true intentions to help others. People don't know if they can trust him, but in time I think they will find that he has been right all along and that he is special. His story is one we can all relate to. We want a purpose and we want to know what it is. We might stumble and make mistakes in our quest, but in the end we will succeed. My playlist song for Locke is song #3 C'mon, C'mon. And even though I didn't talk about Sawyer - I think he needs a song, don't you? My playlist song for him is song #4 Little Sparrow.

I wait every week for Wednesday night to come and when it does I get LOST.

What do you think about the show? Who are your favorite characters? Talk to me:)


LouLou said...

Oh Girl, you are speaking my language.... I have been engrossed since episode 1.... I go in lock down on Wednesday nights when it comes on, and when it's over my sister and I analyze EVERY detail over the phone... We LOVE it... That EVIL little snake, Ben??? Ohhhhhhhh, he is sooooooooo bad..... I love that new guy, Miles. I think he's the son of the Dharma Initive's head honcho.... I think he was born on the island.... I also think that John W. is Daniel's dad.... I don't know what I'm going to do when the series is over. I'll probably have a memorial service!

Chelsea said...

My brother and I use to do that with movies. We analyzed the movie The Saint for days:)

Ben is totally Evil, but he is such a mystery. You just never know with him. One minute he is trying to kill everyone and the next he is trying to save them!

I like Miles too and I really love your idea that he was born on the island. I hadn't thought of that.

Thanks for sharing your ideas! I'll mourned Alias when it ended for about a year, so I'm sure I'll do the same with this one.


Molly said...

Man, I missed the last couple of seasons. I decided to join back in this season, but I have missed too much. The time travel thing is throwing me for a loop. I think Sun is my fave.

Jamaican Mama said...

I got addicted to this show after my 3rd baby was born and they showed season 1 over again. I just got to sit there a, nurse my new little one, and form a new fettish! Now that baby is 4 and I'm so addicted. What really hurts my addiction is that we moved to Kuwait almost 2 years ago and only the old episodes come on tv....AND ABC won't let you watch on their website if you are outside the USA-Bummer! So I have to wait for someone to upload it online and watch it that way. Gotta get my fix somehow..

Yeah, hubby and I both think Miles was born on the Island. But, man! How old is Richard? What's up with all of the heiroglyphs? And why was Jin in a Dharma workers outfit a few episodes ago? Now we really know that Ben is only out for himself, after killing John AGAIN!

I think my fav is Sawyer...he has a good heart. And I dig his 'humor'. :-)

So nice to hear from fellow addicts.


The Zeediks said...

I LOVE this show soo very much. I love how it is evolving and I wish I had the time to sit down and map everything out in every characters life! The writers are genius. I think Ben may've started the chain of bad events that have happened on the island, like babies not being able to be born etc. I think John is special for sure and is enduring the struggles any powerful, unique, gifted leader would face. Lots of opposition.
I feel confused about Jacks Dad...and Aaron.. and am thinking that timing wise Ben is probably about to come to the island. Where is Claire? I love Sawyer. I think Ben may be one of the best actors on the show. I love Kate. I love Hugo's heart. Sayid is great.I love Jin and Son. I really love them all and share in your sorrow for Charlie. I could go on and on!