February 09, 2009

Another thing I love about living in California is that flowers bloom in February~ This beautiful girl is blooming right outside my front door. It smells like heaven when it rains and new life is always starting. I just love it.

I don't feel like killing the fat right now. In fact I haven't killed any fat for a few days. Instead I have been laying in bed sick:( I really have hated it, but on the upside I was able to watch The Lord of the Rings trilogy! I haven't done that in awhile. Man-those shows are so freaking good.

I have some quotes for you today from my 3 year old. The other night when we were trying to get her to kneel down with the family for prayer she started to babble all sorts of things. In the mix of it all we made out 2 very important facts:
1. "Heavenly Father wants us to work out. Ya he does"
2. "Heavenly Father wants us to play with toys."

After getting over the gut busting laughter we tried for another 5 minutes to get her to kneel down and it just wasn't going to happen. She opted for #2.

Kill The Fat will be back on Monday the 16th. I think I have lost some weight, but not from working out:) That's not fair, so I won't post any new results until I am back to norm.


Lila Tueller said...

I totally laughed out loud reading this post..."Heavenly Father wants us to work out. Ya he does." Who told her that... "Burn the fat" chick??

I love reading delirious and random thoughts...I think that's my state of mind most of the time. I relate to it well.
I really miss laughing with you. Market can't get here fast enough. Wait. did I just say that? I'm so not ready.

Love you tons...Lila

Melanie said...

I hope you feel better Chelsea. I was ready to pick your brain about all this 'kill the fat' stuff on Sunday, but Hartman said you were sick. I'll be awaiting the next post! I recently picked up a free recumbant exercise bike and I got a mini trampoline w/ exercise bands that attach to it. Very cool...and fun. The kids especially love it! Now i just need some those rockin' workout dvds you have. :)

nic said...

teehee! i hope you are feeling better by now, hon. btw, i'm reading LOTR to my 11-year-old right now, and i'd have to wholeheartedly second that opinion: gandalf rocks! it's funny that even though i've read this before, i still tear up occasionally and have to pause a moment to regain my voice before i can continue reading. i'm sure my son thinks i'm a hopeless sap. :)

Amelia said...

lol... this post reminds me of things I post way late at night.

You just get some rest and heal that hot body girl. You're just the cutest thing, I loved reading all the randomness.


Mathis and Kari said...

I hope you are finally feeling better! I wish I was able to be there with ya watching movies and hanging out. LOTR's will always remind me of your family :)

Emilie and Branden said...

I love that we get wisdom from Gandolf. i totally agree. He rocks and I love him. I wish he was my bishop or something.

Chelsea said...

Yes, being sleep deprived and on pain killers is not a good combo for blogging. I'll have to try and stay away from the computer when I get like that.

Gandalf totally rocks!